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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by griffoun, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. griffoun

    griffoun LI Guru Member

    Having spent 2 hours with useless Linksys support and many more hours researching on my own, this forum included, I give up and decided to post.

    Here's the situation:
    1. I can ping NSLU2
    2. I can access NSLU2's web admin
    3. I can see my drive's folders through web admin's Home tab
    4. I verified my NSLU2 is in the same workgroup as my laptop
    5. I verified that the RW access are correct for the user, group and folder

    Again, I still can't access my folder via Windows Explorer.

    The NSLU2 connected with WRT54GC, and I'm wirelessly connecting with the router.

    Help please?
  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Is the NSLU2 on the same network segment and how are you trying to connect too it? (IP or Name)?
  3. griffoun

    griffoun LI Guru Member

    NSLU2's IP is the default IP, while my computer's is

    I tried mapping to the share using both IP address or servername, still not working.

    And one more thing... I'm able to search the server on My Network, and I can see the server in the workgroup when I browse the workgroup...
  4. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    Are you running a software firewall such as ZoneAlarm or XP's firewall that doesn't fully trust the IP?

    Frankly if you are, I'm surprised that it has allowed you the limited access you currently have.
  5. griffoun

    griffoun LI Guru Member

    DL, I guess you'll be surprised... yes I'm running ZoneAlarm, and it's giving me all these access!

    I added the IP range which I've set for my home network, and damn it, IT WORKS!!! Stupid me... (or i should say Stupid ZoneAlarm!)

    You're the best, DL! Case closed!:halo:
  6. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    Hehe, whenever I make a network configuraton change (I always seem to be experimenting) and things won't work as expected, my ZA configuration is one of the first things I check. :)
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