unable to apply settings on WRT54GL

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by anderz, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. anderz

    anderz Network Guru Member

    I just installed DD-WRT on my WRT54GL and it`s working ok. But I can`t change the settings in web GUI. everytime I press save changes, I get sent to which is a blank page. if I then reload to the settings have not been saved.... anyone have a solution to this?

  2. tomei

    tomei Guest

    Try using internet explorer. Sometimes it doesn't save with Firefox.
  3. anderz

    anderz Network Guru Member

    I tried that.. in IE7.0 I get the page can not be displayed error when ever I try access another page then the start page...
  4. spiff72

    spiff72 LI Guru Member

    I think this happened to me too at first. I think I had entered the wrong login/password, and it seemed like I was in "read/only" mode. I tried IE 6 and it worked (I was using FF at first). The problem was I couldn't get it to ask for the password again after I had done it wrong the first time in Firefox.
  5. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Have not used dd-wrt so i dont know for sure, but other versions i have used all seem to cache my login, so when i go back to the page it as stated never asks me for username and password. There are 2 ways to get around this i can think of, 1)change your IP, or easier 2) delete your browser cookies and go back to the page. It should once again prompt you for username and password and then should proceed as normal.
  6. spiff72

    spiff72 LI Guru Member

    I tried both clearing the cache and deleting cookies in Firefox, and never got it "cleared"... Strange.
  7. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Very strange indeed. Ill do some poking around and see if i can find anything on it. Will repost if i do....
  8. Bazzek

    Bazzek Network Guru Member

    Hold the reset button for 30 seconds, it is a known issue, posted on DD-WRT forums as well.

    Something seems to cause this, unsure what, but reseting fixes
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