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Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by DamianWarS, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. DamianWarS

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    I have what I assume to be a WAP54G v1.0 It's the one with 7 leds on the front and it doesn't list the version number. s/n=WDG0*****6944. I have it set up as a repeater connected into a WRT54G.

    It works fine however I can't change the authentication type to shared key which is what the wireless router is set on. I know open just finds what authentication I have but I was interesting in testing performance with this setting on. When I change it and hit save it goes back to the screen with no changes applied. This is running the most recent firmware (v3.03, Sept 1, 2005) is this a smart thing to do? On linksys.com the download section for version 1.0 is firmware v2.07. Since the machine took the upgrade for v3.03 I thought it would be fine. I emailed linksys to find out if it was compatible but they never replied back.

    Currently the unit has v2.07 and the authentication type setting sticks to what I set it to plus it connects fine but I would rather have the v3.03. Any ideas what could cause this or is it a compatiblity issue with v3.03 firmware and v1.0 harware?
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