Unable to connect WRT54G to 192.168.x static IP

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Anonymous, Jan 6, 2006.

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    I am working within a network that is based on the 192.168.x subnet. I am currently connected to it by having a direct connection between my PC and an Ethernet plug in the wall, with my PC configured with static IP ( a subnet mask, and DNServers.

    I want to set up the WRT54G between the plug in the wall and my PC (and possibly other PCs in the future). I tried doing this, by setting the static IP, subnet, and DNS information in the router and setting this PC to DHCP. But that does not work. I think it is because both the WRT54G and the network it is connecting to suppose to be on 192.168.x

    I think a way to fix this, would be to make the WRT54G exist on a 10.x subnet instead of a 192.168.x one. But I have no idea how to go about doing this, or if this is even the correct way. After about twenty tabs worth of googling and rtfming, I am still no closer to a solution. Please help me with this.

    Many thanks in advance,

  2. jgutz20

    jgutz20 Network Guru Member

    im assuming the subnet mask is ? Is this like a dorm or apartment connection and you want to share it among more computers in your network?
    depending on how your network is set up...

    set the Router's WAN ip to the xx.30.109 address (DNS etc)
    choose a different network like 192.168.31.X or something other than 30 like is setup in your building or leave it at
    Then set your computer to obtain an address, your router will know what to do with the rest
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    the subnet mask is, this mask along with the ip and dns/gateway ips, were all specified by the landlord of the office space i am renting.

    I will try what you suggested ... thanks :)
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