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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by sstump, Jul 21, 2006.

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    Hello all...Kind of a long story here so bare with me and I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

    I have a WRT54G, and a Desktop with a WMP54G that's been running for about a year with no problems other then random signal fading (due to the distance), I also have access to my wifes laptop for work which has wireless as well, but she prefers wired (technologically hesitant).

    A week ago my Windows XP Desktop gave me the pretty BSOD with an IRQ error (IRQL_Not_less_or_equal). I rebooted and got another, then another, then a few more random errors (PAGEFAULTS...etc), finally got it booted and checked any conflicts and saw one between my WMP54g and USB Devices (???) using the same IRQ. Uninstalled both in DM and let the system reinstall...it'd work for a few minutes then crash again. Then after a few times of doing this, hoping it would take and fix any conflicts, I realized that my WMP54G stopped connecting to my router...but it was the least of my problems with the blue screens. Well I pulled the entire thing apart and ended up disconnected the two USB's mounted on the front of my PC (I have 2 more in the back mounted to the MB) and rebooted and bam...BSOD resolved. I know...XP shouldn't have conflict issues, but apparently it does...whether it's a PS problem I haven't sorted all that out yet.

    However now I can't connect to my WRT54G via the desktop (wifes laptop works fine wirelessly and wired). I can see the network (and my neighbors) and when I try to connect it comes back with "Limited or no Connectivity". I used my wifes wired laptop to flash the firmware and removed any and all encryption/keys and MAC Filtering from the router and I still can't. I've plugged the IP/SubNetMask/RouterIP into Windows IP Configuration and rebooted the router and bam CONNECTED! But can't access anything and can't even ping the router at So I went into Administrative tools under Services and tried to restart the "Wireless Zero Configuration" and I can't get it to stop...it locks up and sits there. I have to reboot my computer to make it restart.

    I was gonna go pick up a new WMP54G today and try it out to see if it works. However any other suggestions you can think of would be very helpful?
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    whats your event viewer show? there was once a neat tool i was able to use by winternals called crash debugger, it will take the dmp file and troubleshoot it down to the faulty driver/program/file or hardware.
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