Unable to get WRT54G to work on network

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by sayatsugu, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. sayatsugu

    sayatsugu Network Guru Member

    Good day to all,

    I have recently encountered a pretty strange problem which I have no idea how to solve (networking newbie here so...)

    It goes like this,
    I was fixing up for a friend who was using an old BEF series router to upgrade to a newer WRT54G. When I hook up the WRT54G, I am able to get a IP but I can't surf or anything online. I swapped back the BEF router and it works fine. It just doesn't worked with the WRT54G.

    Thank you.
  2. mrdude

    mrdude Network Guru Member

    On the security page check that you have not got the mac filter setting - Block Anonymous Internet Requests: set to enabled.

    If you have you will need to enter the mac address of all the network cards or other peripherals that you want to access the internet in the relevent box.
  3. royalscam

    royalscam Network Guru Member

    Make sure that you also have it to set to the right ip function for the router to get its ip from your isp is it always on or pppoe you must have that set right also on the status pagr make sure you are getting an ip and dns numbers from your isp and that it is not a 169.xxx.xxx.xxx ip
  4. sayatsugu

    sayatsugu Network Guru Member

    I checked the MAC filter and the "Block Anonymous Internet Requests" is disabled. As for the IP function, it too has been set to the correct function.

    I'm stumped.
  5. gaogi

    gaogi Network Guru Member

    If you're using Cable, try power cycling your modem. If that doesn't work, plug in the BEFW11S4, check the MAC cloning field to see if anything was entered there. If there is something, copy that MAC address to the WRT54G's MAC cloning field.
  6. will792

    will792 Network Guru Member

    If Spoof MAC is empty copy BEFW11S4 MAC into WRT54G. This way it would look the same to a cable modem.
  7. sayatsugu

    sayatsugu Network Guru Member

    Encountered a new problem

    I have encountered another problem with the BEF series router. Apparently although the internet was up, there seem to be something wrong as I have problems accessing a number of websites, like Hotmail.

    Did I screw up anything back then ?
    Thank you.
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