Unclassified Connections?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by TerminatorHTK, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. TerminatorHTK

    TerminatorHTK LI Guru Member

    Can anyone tell me why when using QoS some connections remain 'uncalssified', even after several hours and the rest all show my default (low) or the appropriate QoS classification?

    Thanks for any ideas.
  2. Reiper

    Reiper LI Guru Member

    Those are usually connections to the router itself... Check the Dest IP and it will probably be something like
  3. njeske

    njeske Network Guru Member

    the only connections i have listed as Unclassified are connections from my comp to my router on port 80. everything else has a traffic class.
  4. TerminatorHTK

    TerminatorHTK LI Guru Member

    I also have a few P2P related connections as unclassified. Perhaps these are ones that haven't expired yet?
  5. njeske

    njeske Network Guru Member

    maybe. also, anytime you change QoS, everything is unclassified for about 30 seconds (i think, it might be longer). so if you're making a QoS change and then immediately looking at the graphs, you'll see a lot of unclassified connections.
  6. der_Kief

    der_Kief Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Same here, when i run P2P once i a while there are some P2P related connections. You can try to adjust the conntrack settings.But nevertheless it shouldn't bother the router performance.

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