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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Furian, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. Furian

    Furian LI Guru Member

    I got problems with that QoS thingie, maybe someone is smarter then I am:

    How can that be unclassified:

    when I got that rule:

    How can the destination port 80 be unclassified, when I got a rule, which says that everthing with target at port 80 has to be classified as highest?

    Btw, does anyone have a set of well working QoS rules for Tomato? Good means, even good surfing speed when running utorrent and/or emule.
  2. Kiwi8

    Kiwi8 LI Guru Member is an internal LAN-to-LAN communication, so it is not affected by the QoS rules.

    As for your 2nd question, the default QoS rules are already very good for prioritising web surfing speed at a higher level than downloads. But if u want some improvements, u can try to isolate BitTorrent traffic by setting uTorrent to use only a defined range of ports for its outgoing and incoming communications, after which, define the QoS rules to place traffic from and to these ports to a lower priority.
  3. Furian

    Furian LI Guru Member

    Ok thanks for your first answer :)
    but I have another one.

    Why does my normals downloads, may it be http or ftp, slow down instantly (from 1700 kbyte to 500 kbyte) when I start utorrent and speeds up also instantly when I close utorrent?
    Tried different rules, but nothing works.

    Here is my current rule set:


  4. Kiwi8

    Kiwi8 LI Guru Member

    It is simply because the QoS classification rules are only for outgoing traffic.

    If u want to mitigate the effects of uTorrent downloading too much, u may do it in the indirect way of capping its upload (in theory, if the upload is capped, the download will probably be capped too). Of course, if the torrent peers that u are connected to, will still send data at high speed despite low upload, then capping the upload may not help.

    But it did the job for me.
  5. Furian

    Furian LI Guru Member

    I see. I just wonder, that utorrent takes away more than 1 mbyte of my 1.8 mbyte bandwith even so it downloads only with a speed of 100 kbyte. When I download a file over http at full speed (ca. 1.7-1.8 mbyte/sec) and start utorrent, the download speed instantly drops to ca. 400-500 kbyte, although utorrent itself still hasnt started to download anything or maybe with 100 kbyte/sec.
    So what is it, that stresses the bandwith?
    Utorrent has max connections set up to 450 and every downloading torrent will get only 150 connections (usually I download 2 torrents at the same time). So no too high settings at all , right?
    Another phenomenon is, that after a while, when utorrent is running, I cant connect to any emailserver (pop3) with my outlook in order to download new emails, because every attempt times out.
    The upload speed of utorrent is limited to 70 kB. My max upload bandwith is ca 96 kB.
    Is it me or is tomato still in beta status?
  6. FRiC

    FRiC LI Guru Member

    Does the problem happen with other routers or if you're directly connected to the modem? If so it could be your ISP. I used to have a different service level with my ISP and always had problems with torrents, and the ISP always claimed it was my router. When I changed my service level (cheaper, but faster, shared access) I could immediately use torrents without any problems without changing anything besides the username/password.
  7. srouquette

    srouquette Network Guru Member
    how many connections do you allow here ?

    edit: ho, and unclassified connections occur when nothing is sent or received from these connections.
  8. Furian

    Furian LI Guru Member

    I allow 2048 connections, but I never get over 300.

    Have to admit I made a mistake. My max upload speed was too high. Now it works better.
    Today I tried to get better performance with ftp. So I configured ftp upload on port 21 as highest and utorrent as lowest, but it didnt affect the bandwith. Utorrent keeps uploading with 50 kbyte and ftp gets only the remaining 30.

    My ISP throttles nothing.
  9. Furian

    Furian LI Guru Member

    Well, thanks for your help guys, but I switched back to DD-Wrt.

    - Tomato has still too many bugs, especially concerning file-sharing.
    - Sometimes the web gui slows so much down, that you cant even access it, when running utorrent (saw several threads concerning that issue)
    - Then utorrent cant find any seeds, although there are hundreds (this bug appears randomly, sometimes it works, sometimes not).
    - No manual I could fvcking read :)
    - QoS is still in beta state

    The only things DD-Wrt is worse than Tomato is the much slower web gui and the alpha state QoS :)
    Maybe I will be back some versions later.

    Cu arround.

  10. Kiwi8

    Kiwi8 LI Guru Member

    It seems that u are making a very different conclusion from most of us here using Tomato.

    What kind of bugs? I didn't have any bugs when I used file-sharing on my systems.

    It is almost universally agreed that the Tomato web GUI is faster than DD-WRT. It must have been some settings that u made wrongly.

    I was not able to replicate this problem too.

    No excuses for u if u do not know how to search.

    Tomato is of course in the official unstable stage (most likely it'll be the case since it's a voluntary work) since we are all unofficial testers. If it didn't work for u, then just too bad! But are u sure u have tried your best in solving the problem or asking the Tomato users here at the least?
  11. srouquette

    srouquette Network Guru Member

    mmmh... that's too bad Furian that you couldn't make it work, because Tomato is really a great firmware (I came from dd-wrt too).
    I also use uTorrent and have no problem with it or with the Tomato web GUI, and I use Tomato since 1.07.
    Can you share those link with uTorrent issues please ?
  12. Furian

    Furian LI Guru Member

    All I can say, is, that it didnt work for me. The only thing, which really stresses the router is filesharing and exactly here it fails. And I have to admit, that I am not willing to be a tester, not because I dont want, but because I cant, because I dont have the time. Like I said, when it is more stable I will come back. What the filesharers of the world are all looking for is a router with a perfectly working QoS for up AND download.
    Dont worry, I am always around ;-)
  13. Furian

    Furian LI Guru Member

    I again switched back to tomato, since I am to ambitious to give up that fast and because after examine my system I found some errors. And I dont believe that you are all wrong and I am the only one whos right :)
    What I found was the following:

    By unknown circumstances my tcpip.sys got modfied back to only 10 simultaneous connections. I guess thats the reason, why the gui froze, the moment I startet utorrent (I patched the tcpip.sys months ago and I got no idea what patched it back to 10 connections). Now its back to 300 and I will test tomato again.
    Damn it must work for me too :)
  14. srouquette

    srouquette Network Guru Member

    The only thing I had to do to make uTorrent work was to allow 2048 connexions (I was at 4096 at first, but it's useless, 2048 is enough), I forwarded my uTorrent port and gave it a lowest priority.


    It works :-/
    I tried it with Vista 64 and Ubuntu 7.10 (with azureus)
  15. Furian

    Furian LI Guru Member

    After I patched my tcpip.sys back to 300 connections everything works perfect. Obviously that was the one and only real problem, which caused all the trouble. Thanks guys for not giving up on me :biggrin: and sorry for the storm in the teacup :redface:
  16. srouquette

    srouquette Network Guru Member

    no problem, glad to see it working for you :)
  17. Kiwi8

    Kiwi8 LI Guru Member

    Furian, I'm glad u didn't give up and it worked for u. :)
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