Unexplainable Lag on LAN Games

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by bloodien0se, May 25, 2009.

  1. bloodien0se

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    So, a couple friends and I were playing a couple games over LAN,namely UT3 and Titan Quest, and have found them both to be pretty laggy.
    In UT3, the player hosting sees everyone fine, but the other players have delays where nothing happens for a second or 2, then everything catches up, of course usually them coming back to realize they were shot.
    In TQ, there is some slight stuttering as well, but the crazy thing was one time the player hosting would see everyone else in the same pose jumping from spot to spot, where as on the player's screen everyone was moving smoothly and normally.

    Mind you, nothing else is taking up bandwidth, and playing online on some other games like Left 4 Dead, even if a couple of us are all playing, has fine ping. It just seems to be LAN, which I find crazy seeing as LAN should be fantastic.

    For the record, the router is a Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 running Tomato RAF, ports are forwarded and QoS'd (even though it shouldn't matter). All computers are on Vista with windows firewall turned off, no other firewall on, and the network set to private.

    I'm at a total loss here, these games should be beautiful but they are aggravatingly laggy, especially UT3 seeing as the lag can really cause problems. Anyone have any ideas?
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