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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by cdblack, Sep 29, 2005.

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    I know there are already a few posts out there dedicated to starting a long distance wireless network but I thought I would start a new one anyways as I have my own problems to deal.

    I attend a University in Ontario, Canada and I am a master’s student who has a test facility 500 meters away from the nearest building and we require wireless access to this facility for monitoring. I am looking for the best way to setup a wireless network. I plan to mount an antenna on the outside of one of the building which will be connected to a LAN drop in the school. And another on the test facility which is then connected to a router or something like that. I need it so that even though I have computers on the school side trying to connect to different ports in the test facility that is possible. I might for example have to set the first device in the school into as a DMZ so I can access the router on the other side. It is a little confusing that is why I need a bit of help with it. Also in the test facility I need to connect to multiple device, therefore I will need a router of some sort in there. Also the school will only give me give me one ip?

    On the outside of the school what would be the best antenna to use? Are the D-Link ones any good, ANT24-14000 or should I got for something else?

    What type of device should I hook the antenna on the school side to? A WRT54G or

    What antenna should I stick on the test facility?

    What device should I hook that antenna to? I would prefer not to void the warrant of the WRT54G by flashing to a DD-WRT firmware but if I need to I will. Would a DWL-G810 work which I hook to a BEFSR41 router?

    Looking to do this cheap as well.

    And does line of site matter, I mean, if there tall trees in the way would that pose a problem.

    In advance thank you anyone’s help
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