Unreachable internet when browsing facebook

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Rogier21, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. Rogier21

    Rogier21 Guest

    Hello all,

    I just upgraded to Tomato 1.23 (GL-54), with pretty much standard settings except my internet goes through an ADSL modem (4096/1024) and wireless is secured with WPA2 AIS+TKIP.

    I have set my DNS info to open DNS adresses. For browsing it works good, but when I go to Facebook and browse some pictures it will just stop, none of the clients can connect to any website anymore.

    If I try to ping to modem is fine, ping to router is fine, pinging to a website is no good, pinging to an IP from a website is no good either.

    The logs don't show anything and the connection tracker is at about 100, load is 0.02 and memory is 14.19 MB / 4,736.00 KB (32.60%).

    Torrents and downloads stop working and after about 30-60 secs everything goes again, but even without any torrents running it still occurs.

    What is wrong here? It is very frustrating, especially when other clients do it and everything stops.
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