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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by Sfor, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. Sfor

    Sfor Network Guru Member

    I have a 9 months old RV042 router. It works on 1.3.10 firmware now.

    The device seems to become slower and more unstable with time. Some computers in the LAN are accessing HTTP while others not. There are temporary breaks in the HTTP, DHCP and the router WEB controll pannel services. The strangest thing is not working DHCP server for some computers, while others are getting IP without any problems. The temporary fix seems to be a router reset.

    I do fear the device is dying, so I replaced it with an old SMC router. The LAN seems to be working correctly, now. The conclusion is, all the problems were caused by the RV042.

    The device came with 2 years warranty. So, I should be able to get it repaired. I've heard about the capacitor related failures in this model. I can not try to repair it myself, because I would loose the warranty. I can not check the condition of the capacitors, as I can not open the case without loosing the warranty, as well.

    Is there anything I can or should do before contacting the Linksys service?


    I've used a flash light to look at the capacitors through the sase ventilation grid. They seem to look fine. Also I'm able to hear an audible sound form the coil. The coil sound was referred as one of the symptoms of the capacitors failure. Still, I do not know, if it is enough to be sure the device is faulty.
  2. Steve Morris

    Steve Morris LI Guru Member

    Mine was similar

    Worked great for a while, sometimes the web server in it would stop responding, sometimes the DHCP server would stop handing out IP's. Could also hear the hiss...

    It wouldn't stay running for more than a week or two; sometimes I would get the fault light, sometimes it would hang, sometimes it would reboot. Your basic POS.

    I replaced the CAPs, no warrenty (bought it on Ebay used), so I had little to loose and changed the CAPs. Since then, it's been rock solid and I'm shopping on ebay for another.

    I guess it's your choice of doing an RMA or a repair. If you go the repair route, I found that I had to invest in a high power solder iron to melt the solder that was in use. My little 25 watter couldn't cut it.

  3. markn455

    markn455 LI Guru Member

    I have two new ones that had this same problem. They are now sitting on the shelf. I would really like to use them. Another problem I had was they will not access MySpace. Seems to work everywhere else but something about MySpace they do not like.

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