Unusual Wet-11 interaction with current Linksys wifi routers

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Vincenzo, Sep 10, 2005.

  1. Vincenzo

    Vincenzo Guest

    Is anyone familiar with this type of wifi synch?

    I have a linksys Wet-11 bridge that I'm using to borrow access from neighboring linksys wireless "g" equipment (not exactly sure which model) in my apartment building. It is connected direct (no switch connected) to a Win2k machine.

    In its default setup it picked up a connection, though it did so differently than I expected. An ipconfig in the command prompt revealed that the DHCP info was transmitted direct to my PC, i.e. hostname, IP, domain (myhome.westell.com), I could not log into the Wet-11 using it's default IP (; it was as if the LAN side of the Wet-11 was setup for DHCP, though it's default settings are static.

    The bridge was originally synching with older linksys wireless "b" equipment in my former address, but did not act as if it was being absorbed by the linksys router; it allowed me to log into it, and setup the network addresses as I chose on my side of the bridge.

    Any assistance or a point into a direction where I can educate myself about why/how this happens would be appreciated.
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