up and running, but some small problems with Kismet, etc

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by arameth, Jul 30, 2005.

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    First post here. I must say I'm impressed with DD-WRT and all that it offers. ...very clever indeed. Docs and info on how to setup were concise, and everything seems to be running fine. Running dd-wrt.v22 with WRT54G v3.

    My problems are related to using Kismet. I need to be able to capture packets and analyze later. I have Kismet server and drone installed, and seem to be working fine. I'm also able to connect with Win32 kismet client from XP machine. I have a couple of issues, which I could not find a solution to in the forums or elsewhere:

    1. First, I am using the Samba FS Automount option on the router, to which I want to write the dump files to. It seems to mount fine, and I can access the directory. But fairly soon after accessing it, it seems to die. Below is a capture of what I experience:
    cd: 12: can't cd to log
    /tmp/smbshare #
    /tmp/smbshare # ls
    ls: .: Stale NFS file handle
    /tmp/smbshare # cd ..
    /tmp # ls
    ls: ./smbshare: Input/output error
    action kismetclient resolv.conf udhcpd.conf
    cron.d kismetserver resolv.dnsmasq udhcpd.leases
    crontab nas.lan.conf root udhcpd.statics
    dnsmasq.conf nas.lan.pid site_survey var
    etc nas.wan.conf udhcpc
    hosts ping.log udhcpc.expires
    /tmp # cd smbshare
    /tmp/smbshare # ls
    ls: .: Stale NFS file handle
    /tmp/smbshare #

    Note that the smbshare directory has disappeared after the problem occurs.

    2. I am able to gather dump files, and they contain some data. But the data does not seem complete. For an example, I will run kismet, and dump to log file. I will then use a client PC to check email with Outlook Express. Then I stop kismet, and retrieve the dump, and open with Ethereal. The interesting thing is that I can go through the dump, and I see where the username and password is sent to the mail server (clear text...scary), however, I cannot see any of the subsequent data for the emails themselves. Same goes for accessing HTTP (not encrypted) websites. What am I missing here?

    I would be grateful for any suggestions. Please take into consideration I am fairly technical, but very new to the Linux world. Also, if there is a better solution for packet analysis than Kismet/Ethereal, I'd be more than willing to look at other solutions that may work as well or better.

    Thanks in advance!
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