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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by HTCOMM, Mar 27, 2007.


    HTCOMM Guest

    i have in my wtr54g v4 instaling Alchemy version 1.0 final public , and like upgrade to tomato, , what is the procedure for this , or only upgrade for adminstrative option
  2. digitalgeek

    digitalgeek Network Guru Member

    You can try the update page, other than the a stock bufalo, this usually works other wise the other method would be TFTP -i PUT code.bin (from a windows command prompt)

    Unfortunately I am not familar with alchemy, and I am not sure exactly what would happen if you used the update page.
  3. xool

    xool Guest

    I upgraded two wrt54g's yesterday from Alchemy 1.0: one to Tomato 1.06 and one to DD-WRT v23sp2. When I upgraded straight from Alchemy to Tomato my router actually ended up in sort of a reboot loop. It would reply to about 6 pings, get 2 harware errors and then stop responding for 4 pings until repeating the cycle. I mostly followed the The wrt54g Revival Guide to bring it back to life (hard router reset, then used the 1.55.02 Firmware Auto Upgrade Utility from linksys to put a stock firmware back on there). I then upgraded from the stock firmware (WRT54GV4[1].0_4.21.1_US_code.zip) to Tomato 1.06 without a hitch (made sure to reset to factory defaults first thing). When I applied DD-WRT to the other router, I followed this pattern: Alchemy 1.0 --> Linksys 4.21.1 --> DD-WRT.v23_sp2_mini. So my suggestion would be to throw a stock linksys firmware on there before upgrading to Tomato (all of my updates were done through the web gui).

    Good luck.
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