Update to WRTSL54GS Thibor15c Firmware

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by Toxic, Oct 29, 2006.

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    Just a bit of an update really.

    grcore has been busy adding a few tweaks on the WRTSL54GS Thibor15c code. The changes are as follows.

    Modified nat PREROUTING to use wan interface specifically for Range Forwads.
    It was using "any" previously which affected Azureus(bitorrent) causing DHT:Firewalled issues.

    Fixed iptables error in wanFTP forward

    A few more mods in services.c for media server (level1/level2) probably was not scanning right in grcore3.
    QoS mods, added a percent value, so set the rate to your full pipe and cut it down by percent.

    added "dos filetimes = yes" for All Partitons share
    renamed nvram vars for level1/level2 file extensions to video/audio so they match smb.conf

    Fixed http_client_mac display for Current PC MAC Address in QoS.asp
    Fixed Log.asp layout (displaying wrong in Konqueror)

    Added in grcore1:
    Completed WAN FTP enable/disable and port redirection on FTP_Server page
    Fixed routnername resolution (was resolving to
    Fixed level1/level2 file extensions (invalid) option in smb.conf (now video/audio)
    Added "dos filetimes = yes" for smb.conf
    Fixed ct_tcp_est (missing in broadcom.c)

    For more info and downloads please visit http://www.usamtb.com/thibor/ Thanks
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