"Upgrade are failed"

Discussion in 'EWRT Firmware Project' started by Dangerous, Feb 17, 2005.

  1. Dangerous

    Dangerous Network Guru Member

    Hello Everybody,
    I've recently purchased a WRT54GS router with the intention in to making it into a hotspot using "catsplash".
    I try to upgrade it to the latest EWRT firmeare and I get the"Upgrade are failed" message.
    Does any one know how I can tell the router to let me up/down grade my router???

    using the command
    my config is as follows:

    Firmware Version:v3.37.6 , Dec 29 2004
    Boot Version:v3.4.2

    RF Status:enabled
    RF Firmware Version:v3.37.6
    RF Domain:US (channel 1~11)
    RF Channel:11
    RF SSID:linksys

    -----Dynamic Information
    RF Mac Address:00:12:17:DF:B1:20
    LAN Mac Address:00:12:17:DF:B1:1E
    WAN Mac Address:00:12:17:DF:B1:1F
    Hardware Version:2.0

    I think that there is a way to get to the allow version upgrade URL, although I'm not sure.

    Thanks for any help.

  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    have you tried downloading the file again incase you have a corrupt binary file?
  3. mcoan

    mcoan Network Guru Member

    I had the same error message with my new WRT54G rev2.2 and EWRT-2.x. Turns out, the older versions of EWRT don't support the latest WRT54 models...you MUST flast the EWRT-3beta firmware to your box instead.

    I did it and it works great...I just wish they gave us some direction/documentation on the captive portal feature. They appear to assume that all of us are Linux pros.

    Marc in Taos, NM
  4. dmnd

    dmnd Network Guru Member

    Having the same issues:

    Firmware Version:v3.37.2 , Nov 9 2004
    Boot Version:v3.3

    RF Status:enabled
    RF Firmware Version:v3.37.2
    RF Domain:US (channel 1~11)
    RF Channel:10
    RF SSID:netwerkje

    -----Dynamic Information
    RF Mac Address:00:0F:66:DA:04:A5
    LAN Mac Address:00:0F:66:DA:04:A3
    WAN Mac Address:00:0F:66:DA:04:A4
    Hardware Version:2.0

    Tried the latest EWRT beta version
  5. cascadepeak

    cascadepeak Guest

    Upgrade are failed.

    "Upgrade are failed."

    Is that anything like "All your base are belong to us!"? ;)

    I think it's probably an issue with not being compatible with newer hardware versions. I am trying to load it EWRT on a new WRT54GS ver. 2 and am getting the "Upgrade are failed."

    -Mike in Salt Lake City, Utah
  6. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    or sometimes the linksys firmware will not let you downgrade. i know after firmware release 3.xxxx in the source code they wrote some script or something that the user can not downgrade the firmware
    :gunfirej: linksys dev teams :firing:
  7. Disman_ca

    Disman_ca Super Moderator Staff Member Member

  8. acbc

    acbc Guest

    Any solution for owners with WRT54GS rev 2.0 hardware?
  9. WRT54G v3 and Freeman Firmware Upgrade

    I had a similar problem when trying to upgrade my WRT54G v3 to Freeman. Out of the box I upgraded to the latest Linksys firmware, then tried to upgrade to the Freeman firmware but I got an error message "Upgrades are fail!" (Or something to that effect.) I then used the little TFTP utility that Linksys provided on their website (I downloaded it some time ago, and I don't know if they still have it there) and everything worked fine! (I think that the flash mem had to be erased for this to work...)

    Hope that this helps.
  10. maracay

    maracay Network Guru Member

    Has anyone tried this on a wrt54G V4? Currently running DD-wrt.

  11. t4thfavor

    t4thfavor Network Guru Member

    i have v4 running v23 dd-wrt
    everything works
  12. mike_long

    mike_long Guest

    I have a WRT54G V2 and it looks like I have bricked it in a strange way while trying to upgrade to EWRT.

    I can ping it fine at , but it won't accept the username <blank> and password "admin" on the web access form, even after a few reset to factory defaults attempts.

    Any thoughts ?

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