Upgraded WAG352g V2 to 1.01.57 and now Wireless doesn't work with 802.11b adapters

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by rocktorrentz, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. rocktorrentz

    rocktorrentz LI Guru Member

    I have just upgraded my firmware on my WAG354g V2 to see if it would stop my ADSL connection randomly dropping out. Unfortunately it appears to have made it impossible for me to connect to it using my old 802.11b adapters and connection is unreliable with my g adapters.

    Does anyone have any ideas to fix this, copy of the firmware I previously had (1.01.54) or an unofficial firmware which would solve this really inconvenient problem; I think I need the EU-Annex A version (I am in the UK).

    Thanks in advance

    edit: I've reset it to factory settings, set the authentication type to 'Shared Key' rather than Auto and set the beacon interval to 50 rather than 100 and the problem appears to be fixed. Except I have to manually enter the network details to connect; it brings up errors if I just click connect.
  2. djjeffrey

    djjeffrey LI Guru Member

    I upgraded my WAG354G V2 also to 1.01.57 firmware, after reboot the wireless connection seems to be very slow the monitor says 1.0 mbps to 5.5 mps which was allways 54 mbps or somethimes 48 mpbs, the wireless connection drops a lot and have to reboot the wag354g manually to get it back up running on my pc.

    I don't know whats wrong but it's not good, i am connected wired now with the router and runs good, but i want back my wifi connection without those ennoying drops.

    Please help...


  3. rocktorrentz

    rocktorrentz LI Guru Member

    I'm afraid I can't really help you because about 2 days after my last post I tried to downgrade my firmware again because the wi-fi still had a weak signal and was unstable. I somehow managed to kill it and so it's gone back to linksys to be replaced and I'm back on my trusty Bt Voyager 2000. When I get that thing back I'm selling it on ebay because although the voyager is slow (only 802.11b) it works consistantly for weeks on end with no downtime whereas the linksys lost the internet connection and had to be rebooted at least once a day.
  4. bill888

    bill888 LI Guru Member

    I've been testing v1.01.58.

    First time I flashed my UK version WAG354Gv2 annexA running v1.01.54 with the new firmware, my wireless clients struggled badly to even achieve a connection when I set up my router to use 802.11b and WPA-PSK.

    Eventually after further reflashing, I did get v1.01.58 working, but 24 hours later, my wireless clients suddenly started seeing low data rates (eg. webpages were very slow to load). Eventually, the clients lost connection and couldn't reconnect. They appeared to see the network but cannot complete the connection/authentication process or it is taking far too long to complete the task.

    Rebooting the router appears to resolve the connectivity problem but I shouldn't have to reboot the router after even 24hrs of use.

    Now testing a modified v1.01.57 firmware with wireless driver from v1.01.54. I'm hoping an alternative/later firmware will resolve a problem I have where my router seems to stop working after a week or two of use when I was previously using v1.01.54.

    fwiw, I'm presently using file '1.01.57 EU WAG354GV2 by C@rciofone wireless OK.bin.tar'. (use winrar to extract in XP)
  5. Carciofone

    Carciofone LI Guru Member

    New 1.01.58 firmware WAG354G V2

    Hi to all!
    New firmware for WAG354G V2 based on 1.01.58 GPL code in two versions:
    1.01.58_004 with original DSP6.2 driver and
    1.01.58_005 with DSP 7.2
    Wireless fixed with 1.01.54 driver and other futures:
    telnet support available
    1.2.1 Busybox with other line commands
    rewritable partition of 128 KByte on Eprom for personalized scripts.
    Link: http://www.esnips.com/web/ConfigurazioneLinksysWAG354GV1V2

    Infos on the Neptune354 Project: http://cyberstorm.altervista.org/
  6. ibry

    ibry Guest

    The Same WAG354GV2 The Same Problem

    hi bill888

    I want to know if you fixed the Problem with yours because the same happens with me

    After period of time using my WAG354G v2 with the firmware v1.01.58
    It goes to hang the internet access and after trying to reconnect the wireless again and it gives me (Windows is unable to connect to the selected network. The network may no longer be in range. Pleas refresh the list of available networks, and try to connect again.)

  7. Carciofone

    Carciofone LI Guru Member

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