UPnP over multiple subnets

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Cloudine, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. Cloudine

    Cloudine Guest

    I'm trying to set up a network with two subnets, and, with two routers, multiple pc's and a Streamium (upnp player device).
    The setup is, I believe, according to Shah's "Step by step guide to setup a WRT54G in client bridge mode".

    Nearly everything works fine, except for that the Streamium (located on subnet cannot locate the UPnP server (located on subnet
    All devices, except for the Streamium, communicate with eachother, also across subnets (and the Streamium works fine if placed on the subnet).

    The Streamium also connects ok to the router it is attached to (it get's its ip address from this routers dhcp).
    On the net I've found indications that UPnP will only work if the player (Streamium) is on the same subnet as the UPnP Server.

    Can anyone confirm that the setup I try to achieve is either not possible, or give me some advice wrt what I should do to get it working?

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