Urgent: Any Linksys Gateway REALLY supports ADSL2+ Annex B?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by phyber, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. phyber

    phyber Network Guru Member

    Hi, sry if there are already many threads regarding that point, but i just bought a 354 and the hotline then told me, Adsl2+ is only supported with annex A right now and that they are working on a firmware for annex B but it could take a couple of weeks till its done.
    Well, I dont have so much time to wait ;)
    Are there any Gateways out that support adsl2+ and annex B???
    I read about the 54 v.2 but can i still get 1 of these??? It needs to have wireless within...
    Would be really happy to get 1 from linksys cuz all other products i had from them were good. Not to compare with d-links stuff *grr* :/

    But other brands are good too if you can give me a good advice for one.

    Sry for the language <- from germany ;)

    thx&cya Tobi
  2. oz3004

    oz3004 Network Guru Member

  3. phyber

    phyber Network Guru Member

    Thanx a lot! :)

    Dank dir, mal schauen wo ich den günstig bekomme...

    cya Tobi
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