Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by SAPo57, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. SAPo57

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    My ISP lets me use a speed optimization tool to increase the size of my TCP Receive Window.

    On the online Tool screen it asks me if I either use USB, ETHERNET or WIRELESS, but here's the problem.

    MY HOME-NETWORK DIAGRAM: :(Internet):----Modem----Switch----

    Broadband router(RT41-BU)----Wireless router(WTR54GS) (((())))

    Wireless clients(external WIRELESS ADAPTER using USB cable)

    Im setting up this tool for the wireless clients connected, but since their WIRELESS ADAPETER is externally connected using a USB cable Im not sure which option to choose. I think it has to be ETHERNET since the wireles router connects to the gateway through an Ethernet connection. If not it means that choosing wireless it would mean that i connect to my ISP wirelessly since that's impossible as my modem connects to it over a serial line and everything connected to the modem is over ethernet.

    Pleas help with this issue to know which connection I have to choose as the wireless client using this Speed Optimization Tool.
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