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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cycle191, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. Cycle191

    Cycle191 Network Guru Member

    I just received a Broadband Wireless G Router with Speedbooster (WRT54GS) for Christmas (ho, ho, ho). Unfortunately, my modem is a USB modem (Allied Telesyn) AT-AR215 which has only two ports ---- one for the line in for internet, the other for the USB back to the computer. Our internet sevice is t-online (here in Germany).

    According to the instructions (of the WRT54GS), I need the internet cable to go through the modem, then from the modem into the wireless router via a telephone line, but obviously no option via a USB line to the router.

    What are my options here ----- not sure I want to purchase another German modem ---- my goal is to get my two desktops (one is new, the other I have the wireless card for) and my wife's laptop on wireless as soon as possible.

  2. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    Well, you could set up your desktop to hook into the modem, then enable "Internet Connection Sharing" over your Network card to the WRT54GS, and allow the WRT54GS to basically be a Wireless server only.

    It'll take a little finagling, but I think that's basically your only option.
  3. Cycle191

    Cycle191 Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the quick reply. Would a new external modem be another option? What would I look for to make sure it was compatible with T-DSL or would it just be easier/better to buy one of those all in one modem/routers/wireless for Germany? Any suggestions --- too many options and tweaking required for something I thought would be fairly straightforward.
  4. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    I'd call your DSL provider and ask what kind of modems are compatible with their service, or if they sell one for use with their service that has Ethernet out instead of USB.

    Are you renting the modem or did you buy it? If you're renting it, you may be able to just swap it out with a newer one with Ethernet.
  5. Cycle191

    Cycle191 Network Guru Member

    Perfect suggestion. After looking through many electronic "superstores", I went back to the small business person who sold me the first modem and he gave me the upgraded one with the ethernet port for less than $20 and a swap.

    Now a couple more challenges, one on the Linksys and another boneheaded thing (that I use to know how to fix but can't remember . . . .).

    First, after connecting the modem to the WRT54GS (version 4) and back to the computer, when trying to establish a connection, I first get the dialogue box "Connecting through WAN miniport PPOE), then after about 30 seconds, get the message "Error 678: The remote computer did not respond. For further assistance . . . . " I did go to the Linksys web site but the directions given didn't work since part of them required to type in into the Internet explorer bar without the modem on and well that just doesn't seem to work . . . .

    Next, the boneheaded irritant. My t-online account has a very long account name and an 8 word password. I have set up the password through the Windows internet connection wizard and through the control panel. However, every time I close the connection, and re-open, it re-establishes a bogus 12 or so character password that it uses on the connection which of course doesn't work. How can I get my "real" password to stick without having to manually enter it in each time (and delete the 12 character one). Interestingly, once I close the internet option "settings" in the control panel, it automatically goes back to that 12 character "bogus" password. I remember having to do this before (and conquered it) but can't get the real password to "stick".

    Thanks for all of the assistance.
  6. Cycle191

    Cycle191 Network Guru Member

    First problem solved ---- your site did it again, I clicked the link to Linksys web site which has a great set up tool (much better than the CD that comes with the product). Second boneheaded problem, I'll probably remember how to do it after a glass or two of Sekt tonight!

    Now, the challenge is getting the other two units hooked up ---- both the older PC (HP with Windows ME) and a Toshiba (with XP) both have great signal strength and link quality but cannot access internet (or other network resources).

    On the ME machine (with a Linksys Wireless card, WMP54G) the Linksys screen states "you are connected to the access point, but the internet cannot be found"

    On the Toshiba laptop, it states "This connection has limited or no connectivity. You might not be able to access the Internet or some other network resources.

    I have read a lot on both of these messages --- but doesn't seem to work when implemented --- any good solutions out there? Thank you and Happy New Year (when it comes)!
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