Use a WRE54G Range Extender or a 2nd WRT54G?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Anonymous, Mar 30, 2005.

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    I’m a newbie to networking computers and to wireless networks. My neighbor (across the street) and I would like to network our computers and he has a Linksys WRT54G version 2.0 router in his basement. The distance from his router to my computer is about 220 feet but since he’s in the basement the signal has to pass through his concrete foundation wall, his garage door and then the side of my house (the router can't be moved upstairs). Even with a Cantenna the signal is not strong enough to make the wireless connection to my computer. Recently, I purchased a Linksys WRE54G Range Extender and located it in his garage and I can now connect to his router but only at a very poor signal strength (one bar - using my cantenna).

    My question is, would I have better luck at improving my signal strength if I were to eliminate the WRE54G, purchase another WRT54G, upgrade my firmware on each with one that allows me to increase my signal strength and then operate the units using the WDS capabilities? Any ideas?

    Thank you!

  2. t4thfavor

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    try putting the range expander as high as possible in the garage. also try to locate it near a window preferably facing your house.
    or try putting the range expander in your house as high as possible.

    get a cantenna for both sides and upgrade the firmware to something that allows power increase (not more than 50mw) and disable antenna diversity so that it uses only one antenna (the cantenna) this will geive a little bump to your signal maybe what you need to get connected.
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    t4thfavor has got some good suggestions there - give those a shot.

    If you try boosting the power output of the WRT54G you may get a better result using the WRE54G as well. Give HyperWRT a shot for this.

    Btw, using either the WRE54G or two WRTs with Sveasoft firmware you will be operating under the WDS topology. With WDS you can use the router for both wireless clients and connecting to other WRT nodes which can also associate with wireless clients. Its a great idea, but it does come with reduced through put due to having to relay the data.
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    Thanks for the suggestions! If I stick with my WRE54G (Range Extender) do any of you know if any of the unofficial Linksys firmware upgrades are compatible with using a WRE54G? I ask this because we were previously using an older version of the official Linksys firmware for the WRT54G (version 2.X.X) and the WRE54G was not able to connect to to the WRT54G. We had to upgrade to the latest WRT54G firmware (version 3.03.6) to make them talk to each other.

    Looking at this from a purely financial perspective, I suppose I would be better off going with two WRT54G's since the WRE54G is so much more expensive than a WRT54G. It seems that I can accomplish the same goal with either configuration? Correct?

    Also, has anyone written a firmware upgrade specifically for the WRE54G? I'm hoping that someone has so I can adjust the transmitting power.

    Has anyone had any luck installing a different antenna on a WRE54G? It has one of those Linksys antennas that does not screw off - I suppose I would need to cut it off and then do a custom install job if I want a bigger antenna. Any ideas?

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    The antenna on the WRE54G is not removable. It is a 5db antenna, which is a better antenna than the stock antenna on the WRT54G. There is no custom firmware that allows you to increase the transmission power on the WRE54G. You would be better using WDS on your WRT54G using Sveasoft or some other firmware. The WRE54G halves the bandwidth, so with WDS you are same boat. I would buy a WAP54G and use it in bridge mode, since it is easier to set up than using playing around with firmware.
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    Don't forget to register :-D

    Keep us updated on what configuration you decide to stick with and how well it works for you!

    Someone else may have the same setup questions.

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