Use WRT54GC as an access point?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by SloLearner, Apr 16, 2005.

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    I am wondering if it would be possible to use the new Linksys WRT54GC as an access point from which to distribute to two home computers over ethernet. That is, can I capture the radio from my WISP with the antenna and then feed this to my two PCs through the ethernet ports? I intend to put the antenna feed at the focal point of a satellite dish, which will hopefully give me the gain I need.

    I have never used (or setup) a wireless network before, and I can't find an answer in the users guide to the WRT54GC. It appears the unit is designed to hook to a wire and then distribute via wireless, so I am unsure if the hardware and/or software would allow me to do what I want.


  2. SloLearner

    SloLearner Network Guru Member

    And the answer is

    Dear Valued Linksys Customer,

    Per Linksys Customer Support:

    Since you won't be using a DSL or CABLE modem, you can only use the router as a wireless access point. The setup should be: ISP to ICS configured computer connected to the regular or LAN port or the router. The DHCP or IP address of your network will come from the main PC, the router will just be a passthrough. Please go to KB.LINKSYS.COM. Type 640 on the SEARCH box and set the SEARCH BY box to ANSWER ID. The scenario there is somewhat the same as your setup.

    To configure the ICS on the computer, type ICS on the SEARCH box and set the SEARCH BY box to PHRASES then click SEARCH. Choose the operating system of the main computer.

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