Use wrt54gsv4 to amplify signal of a wifi net

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by furiturimuri, May 15, 2006.

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    Hi to all!
    First of all, i'm very ignorant about networs, so be patients if i don't use the right terminology.

    I have two routers, an usrobotics and a linksys wrt54gsv4. The usr is connected to the internet (ADSL) and is used as router, access point.dhcp server and print server. Simply, the range of the router is not as wide as i want. So i acquired the linksys simply to widen the wifi signal... well but how to do that?

    I mean, i don't want to connect one router with the other by wire, i want the two connected wirelessly each other and i want that a laptop in the area of the linksys could see the usr wifi network (i think this correpond to use the linksys as a bridge), the usr dhcp server should give to the laptop an ip address and the laptop should enter in internet and in the protected wifi network of the usr like it was connected directly to the usr. Is it possible?

    I tried disable the dhcp server on linksys and setting it as a "router", set the rip on "lan-wireless", changed its ip address and set the usr router ip as gateway, but it doesn't work.

    Another question: if i'm in an area covered only by the linksys antenna and my configuration is exact, should i see the linksys wifi network and also the usr wifi network (bridged wirelessly betwreen linksys and usr) or only the linksys network?


    PS: My only purpose is to widen the wifi area access, if this needs to disable functionalities on the linksys and use it only like a repeater i don't care.
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