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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by brad__, Jul 2, 2005.

  1. brad__

    brad__ Network Guru Member

    My parents have a WAP54G wireless access point connected directly to thier cable modem. They have one laptop that they only use wirelessly. This is what Charter set up for them. When i visit, i am unable to connect with my laptop, and I assume that is because it's a WAP and not a router. (what is really wierd is that i was able to connect once, but i guess that was a fluke thing, maybe at the time their laptop was not connected or whatever) anyway...I have a Network Anywhere NR041-WM wired router that i am not using. Can I attach the wired router to the wireless access point and use more than one wireless laptop on the network at a time? How do i do it??
  2. SimonMackay

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    What you need to do is to connect the wired router's WAN (Internet) port to the cable modem. Then connect the WAP54G to any of the LAN ports on the router.

    Once you power up all the equipment, then set the router to pull a DHCP address from the cable Internet service. Set the WAP54G to an IP address in the same subnet as what the router's LAN address. If there is a built in DHCP server running in the WAP54G, it should not be running. Instead, the router's DHCP server should be the network's DHCP server.

    Make the laptop refresh its IP address once the network is set up as described. As well, go over your security settings to make for a secure wireless cloud. This includes setting up an admin password for the router and the access point.

    Hope that this is of use to you,

    With regards,

    Simon Mackay
  3. howardp6

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    The WAP54G is not a router and does not have a DHCP server and unless the cable modem has a DHCP server you will only get one IP Address and can only connect one client at a time to the WAP54G. Some cable modems do have DHCP servers, which cable modem do you have?
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