Using a WET54G to link to a wireless hotspot

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by SimonMackay, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. SimonMackay

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    Hi all!

    There is the possibility that one may want to use a wireless client bridge like the Linksys WET54G to link to a free or commercial wireless hotspot rather than using a wireless network adaptor that is built into or attached as a peripheral to the computer. A main reason for this is mainly because the device may provide better reception than built-in wireless network adaptors. A common situation that this would appeal to are caravan (trailer) / campervan / motorhome users who use camping grounds or caravan (trailer / RV) parks that provide wireless Internet connectivity for their guests; and some users use these devices as "external antennas" in order to get better WiFi reception from these hotspots.

    Has anyone had any experience in using this device or similar devices in this manner, especially with most commercial hotspots?

    With regards,

    Simon Mackay
  2. Curbe

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    I use the WET54G almost soley to connect to WiFi hotspots. My work makes me travel so I spend most of my time in my RV and traveling from place to place, WiFi access is far better than having satellite or even worse ... dialup. The bridge does a good job holding a connection once I have found an available network. I also use an external antenna on my rig to get the most out of my hardware and LOS (line of sight) to the network. Commercial hotspots work just as good as the free ones, once you get the SSID and connect, most of the time their portal page pops up into your browser and you can register and pay for the time.

    The best part about the WET54G is that it is totally driver free! I have had past conflicts with other devices and this bridge does not cause any problems.

    I have also added a signal booster between the bridge and the antenna for a dB gain of 27dB. The antenna produces 9dB itself. I have connected to networks that were over a mile away and with great success. I wouldnt go back to an adapter for anything.
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