Using a WRT54G as a Wireless Access Point?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Notorious, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. Notorious

    Notorious Guest

    OK I need a wireless access point, I already have a WRT54G v2.0, so instead of forking out for a simple wireless access point I want to disable all the routing facilities from my WRT54G, and just use it as a wireless point to access my Zoom X4 5551 Modem/Router/Gateway/Firewall. Any ideas on how to do this? I mean once it's setup I'm fairly sure I just have to disable DHCP, and run some Cat5 UTP from a LAN port on my WRT54G to the LAN Port on my Zoom X4, leaving the WRT54G's Internet port vacant. However I do not have the installation CD anymore so I think the only way I can install the router is by using the NetSet tool available on the Linksys website. But this installs the router as a there anyway to install it as a Wireless Access Point? Or do I need to install it and wire it up as a router, then re-configure it as a w-access point and alter the wiring accordingly?

    This is my first experience with networking really so I've probably used all the wrong jargon, but I've been trying to figure this out for a few days (my original problem was that I couldn't forward any ports, I was told it was because I was going through two routers (the WRT54G and the X4 5551) and that I needed to disable the routing capabilities of my Linksys..I did that but then I changed some other settings because the desired effect wasn't happening and in the end I just ended up pressing the reset button in the back so I' back to square one)

    Hope someone can just point me in the right direction!


  2. ken_xiang

    ken_xiang Guest

    The linksys router[WRT54G] can't be configured as wireless access point , disabled the "NAT MODE" on Advanced Routing page just means disabled the NAT function .
  3. itsmeohmy

    itsmeohmy Network Guru Member

    The WRT54G can be 'used' as an access point. To do this, you simply disable DHCP on the WRT, and connect a network cable from the Zoom LAN port to a LAN port on the WRT. Then you simply just need to setup your wireless security encryption etc on the WRT.

    When a wireless device connects up to he WRT, what happens is that a DHCP IP address is provided via the Zoom, which is then passed through by the WRT and given to the device.

    This setup works, as I have tried it previously while experimenting with the WRT.

    [Zoom (LAN port)] ==== [WRT54G (LAN port) ] ~~~ wireless device.

    Let me know if you need any further queries.
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