Using Alchemy 1.0 to create wireless bridge

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by mushu, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. mushu

    mushu Network Guru Member

    I have (2) WRT54G's. I have a Version 2 WRT54G (V2) working as my main router connected directly to my intenet connection. I'd like to use the second WRT54G (Version 1 hardware (V1)) connect wirelessly to the V2 router and have PCs connected via CAT5 to that second router. V2 is using the latest official Linksys firmware and I have flashed the V1 router with Alchemy 1.0. V1 gets an IP via DHCP from V2. Clients connected to V1 can ping both the LAN-side NIC's IP as well as the WAN-side IP (received via DHCP from V2).

    Client's connected to V1 cannot ping V2 or access the internet.
    Client's connected to V2 access the internet as normal - no change to that router or it's clients.

    V2 --> Clients have same access as always
    V1 --> Clients Can ping both NICS in V1 but cannot route through to V2 or access Internet

    I have reset V1 and completed all the same steps again and I end up with the same result. I must be overlooking something. Any ideas appreciated.

    I have referenced various HowTos I found via goodle but used them only as a guide. One example is this ... :

    I will use this one found on this site if necessary but I seem to be so close I am hoping someone can point out the step I missed rather than start over. Thanks!
  2. mushu

    mushu Network Guru Member


    I was trying to use one subnet for all devices. Once I configured the bridge router to use a different subnet everything fell into place.

    192.168.1.x for the maijn/router network and 192.168.2.x for the bridge network.
  3. TheIndividual

    TheIndividual Network Guru Member

    Yes, using one subnet only works in bridged mode.
    You're using what Sveasoft labeled Client-Routed since your V1 does the routing between the two subnets.
    You can get "real" bridge mode on your V1 (called Client-Bridged) with either to Talisman 1.1 (coming soon) or the upcoming DD-WRT v23. Basically a client connected to the V1 will behave like it was connected to your V2. IMHO the method is cleaner and doesn't really have any disadvantages I know of.
  4. Disman_ca

    Disman_ca Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Client-bridged(transparent) is not a true bridge. The main pitfall is the wl.o driver as it does not support more than 1 MAC communicating at a time. Sveasoft has been using a parprouted daemon (since Satori-pre3.9) to overcome this limitation (see ) and proxy arp (see )

    Other issues are dhcp traffic doesn't cross the bridge and it can not handle port forwarding. IMO client-routed works better right now but bridge is very promissing.
  5. mushu

    mushu Network Guru Member

    WPA Issues

    I have now enabled WPA (TKI pre-shared key) on the V2 router and all client PCs connect without fail. I have enabled the same on the V1 (bridging) router and it fails to connect to the V2 router now. Any ideas? TIA.
  6. mushu

    mushu Network Guru Member


    Ended up resetting the router and re-entering all the same entries as before (used screenshots as reference). Strangely it works great again - including using WPA - but the settings are identical to before the reset. Can't explain it.

    This is a Version 1 hardware router and Alchemy. I have had weird experiences before after flashing firmware etc. Not sure if the router itself is unreliable of if the firmware is problematic - or both. This unit has been bricked twice and I had to short pins to recover.
  7. Wareagle

    Wareagle Network Guru Member

    Re: Fixed

    Make sure you have "boot wait" enabled on the administration page. I have reasons to believe I bricked one of my routers by disabling it.
  8. gedikart0

    gedikart0 Network Guru Member

    Hello! Help me Please!

    I've got two WRT54G ap-router. I want to use Client mode, but it doesn't work.

    Main router (Linksys 3.03.9 firmware)
    Local IP =
    Subnet Mask =
    DHCP server: Disable

    Advenced routing:
    Operated mode = Geteway
    Destination LAN IP =, Subnet mask =, Default gw:, Interface = Lan & Wireless
    Wireless security: Disable

    Client router (Sveasoft Alchemy 1.0)
    Internet Connection Type = Static IP
    Internet IP Address =
    Geteway =
    Static DNS1 =

    Local IP =
    Subnet mask =
    Geteway =
    Local DNS =
    DHCP Server = Enable

    Wireless mode = Client.
    SSID, Channel = (same as the main router)
    Firewall: Disable
    Wireless security: Disable

    In administration: All settings are default. (I don't know what have to set).

    I tired these settings, but I couldn't ping the main router from the client router. (My client router's WAN port isn't good: it was killed by the lightning). BUT if I use a Freeman-talisman 1.0.2 fw on it, and it's in Client-Bridged mode, I can ping the main router. But with this freeman-talisman I can connect only one PC to the client router (If I connect 2 PC the Internet stop.)

    So, What I set in alchemy, it doesn't work, and the freeman is only works with one PC.

    Please help me! (I try to client mode since 2 weeks)
  9. Wareagle

    Wareagle Network Guru Member

    If you aren't concerned with wireless bandwidth (ie, you are not doing large local file transfers or streaming video), try setting up your routers in WDS mode (see this). This will give your second router four ports that are connected wirelessly to your first router. As an added benefit, you don't have to worry about subnetting and the second router will repeat the signal of the first one.
  10. gedikart0

    gedikart0 Network Guru Member

    Thanks, but I doesn't want to upgrade the firmware of the main router.
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