Using EXCEL to collect ROUTER logs - seeing as WRT54GS not work with wall watcher

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by essorama, Dec 23, 2007.

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    I have a WRT54GS V6 35% speed boost wireless router - works very well. Has BIOS version 1.52. What I find is incredibly ridiculous is that you are unable to check to see if ANYONE is stealing your wireless (since Router does not record hostnames of connections that is has) - nor can view the logs in realtime - since at least the logs show you all the IP addresses that are on the router and what they are connecting to.

    Wallwatcher/Logviewer does not work with this. There is no firmware upgrade that I can find for v6 of the router to be able to use logviewer/wallwatcher.

    So intead...I tried setting up a simple web query within Excel...which can be left running in the background refreshing every 60secs, which downloads the log data from the router webpage (outgoing logs is the one that is important since it shows all IP's using your router and what they are doing). HOWEVER... for some reason, after downloading data to around 40 - 50 rows...the excel query clears all the data and starts again from scratch from the first cell...does anyone know why Excel just does not keep importing the data row after row without starting from the first row again after a while?

    Also, does anyone know how we can incorporate a column for dates and times with this Excel query? If anyone is a excel guru and can help us or even make a basic template, we would be very very grateful.

    Hope to hear from anyone.
    Look forward to it.
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