Using Powerline network to get past a "thick" wall

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Lance, Dec 19, 2004.

  1. Lance

    Lance Network Guru Member

    Currently I use a WRT54GS as my main AP for cable internet access. The wireless signal from the WRT has to make it past the kitchen to 3 wireless computers. The 3 computers could barely connect and there were many lost packets. I determined there was a dramatic drop in signal strength (10's of dB's) just going through the kitchen cabinets (hardwood cabs filled with all sorts of stuff).

    I added a WAP54G in repeater mode. My "thick" kitchen wall is inbetween the WRT and WAP. The results are much better. The 3 computers connect to the WAP at 54Mbps very reliably.

    However, the overall file transfer speeds from WRT to WAP to wireless computers are only about 2-3 Mbps. I suspect the link between WRT and WAP suffers from the thick kitchen wall. I want to improve the speed of this link.

    Would a powerline network help in this case? I'm thinking of using two PLEBR10's like this:

    WRT > PL#1 > (kitchen wall here) > PL#2 > WAP

    Thanks for any comments,

  2. ssam

    ssam Network Guru Member

    hmm have you tried with increasing Xmit power? By the WAP54G you can go up to 84mW without worries, its not heating so much as the WRT54G ;)
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