Using the WRT54G as an Access Point with the WRT54GX

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Anonymous, Aug 18, 2005.

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    Hi Guys:

    My friend who lives two floors above me uses the SRX Router (WRT54GX). I have the WRT54G Router, which i would like to use as an Access Point instead of a Gateway to increase the strength of his SRX Router signal into my apartment. Can anyone give me a quick crash course on how to set this up? I'm sure one of you has done something similar to this before, any help is appreciated. Please, if you don't mind, email me at Thanks!
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    Did you get this to work? It sounds similar to what I think I'd like to do, which is:

    -Purchase a WRT54GX to get better range in the house

    -Move the existing WRT54G to another room, connect it back to the GX as a client/bridge and then connect 3 wired devices to it (Audiotron, Xbox & VOIP box).

    Anyone out there done this?

  4. 4Access

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    Since the WRT54GX does support repeating (yet?) you could run a cable from the WRT54GX to a LAN port on the WRT54G to accomplish what you want. Make sure to disable the DHCP server in the WRT54G. You'll also need to change the default IP address of the WRT54G to something like before connecting them together so they won't conflict. With a setup like this as long as you've configured the same SSID & security settings on both devices your wireless clients will transparently roam between the routers.

    Sounds like you're looking to do something slightly different than the first poster since you don't need wireless clients to be able to associate with the WRT54G.

    What you're looking to do should work fine by simply loading a custom firmware on the WRT54G such as DD-WRT and configuring the router in Client mode to connect wirelessly to the GX. Note that wireless performance between the two routers may be poor if you have other True MIMO (other SRX clients) on the network. See review here.

    Good luck!
  5. baldyguy

    baldyguy Network Guru Member

    would this work w/ the WRT54GS V 4?
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