Using Two WRT54GS's One router, one as a SB/ Switch

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Ziptar, Jul 12, 2005.

  1. Ziptar

    Ziptar Network Guru Member

    I have decided to upgrade my wireless to hardware that supports WPA2-PSK AES. I also want to get better signal through out the house, I have a couple of spots where I only get 5.5Mbps most of the time and the signal is very low. The WPA2-PSK support and the svesoft firmware makes the Linksys WRT54GS look like the one to buy.

    This is what I would like to do, Replace my Current Netgear WGR614 Wireless Router with a WRT54GS. I have a CAT5 cable run to another room in the house for a PC. I would like to get another WRT54GS and hook it to that CAT5 and use it as a AP/Signal Booster. I understand if I setup the second WRT54GS as an AP only set the SSID on the second WRT54GS to the same SSID as the first WRT54GS but set it to a different channel than the first WRT54GS the wireless cards in my laptops will automatically connect to whichever signal is strongest... is that correct??

    I would also still like to use the 10/100 ports on second WRT54GS as a switch so I could still use PC in that room on the CAT5 10/100 network, I like to do my gaming on CAT5 instead of WiFi. If I am using the second WRT54GS as a signal booster/AP can I still use the 4 ports on the back of it??

    The First WRT54GS will be Hooked to a Sprint 645 DSL modem and have a Linksys RT31P2 hooked to it for Vonage. Any issues using a WRT54GS with this other hardware?

  2. RTSAnime

    RTSAnime Network Guru Member

    nope just connect the two routers together using the lan ports. don't use the wan port for the router without the modem. Also make sure DHCP is disabled on the router without the modem
  3. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    Since you are not connecting the WRT54GS that is being used through one of the Lan ports you will still have three LAN port which you can use.
  4. Ziptar

    Ziptar Network Guru Member


    I still want to use the wireless on the second WRT54GS as well as the 10/100 switch. Shouldn't I set it so that the WAN port gets DHCP from the 1st WRT54GS and connect the lan port and then turn off DHCP on the LAN on the second WRT54GS and put it in AP mode?? Basically making it a wired bridge?
  5. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    The second WRT54GS should be configurated from a wired connection with the first WRT54GS powered down.

    Yes, you have to disable the DHCP server on the second WRT54GS and should set the WAN port as a DHCP client. You also must go to Advanced Routing and set the second WRT54GS as a router and not a gateway. Give the second WRT54GS a local IP Address that is in the same subnet as the first WRT54GS. For example if the local IP Address of the first WRT54GS is, use sa local IP Address for the second WRT54GS at with the same Subnet mask of 255.255.255.o. The local IP Address should npt be in the range of the DHCP Server on first WRT54GS to prevent conflicts. Power up the first WRT54GS and connect the second WRT54GS to one of the LAN port on the first to one of the LAN ports on the second. Power cycle the second WRT54GS. You should be able to use the Second WRT54GS has a wireless Access Point not a Wireless Bridge.
  6. Ziptar

    Ziptar Network Guru Member

    OK that sounds like what I want to do. i will pickup a couple aand give it a shot.
  7. kkennedy070790

    kkennedy070790 Network Guru Member

    Nope - the second WRT will not use the WAN port at all - just give it an ip address that is not inside the dhcp scope of the first WRT. The wireless side will still be in bridged mode as long as it still set to be an AP.

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