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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by sleepytime, Jun 25, 2014.

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    Hi all,

    I have a question about using a VPN solution to join my guest VLANs. I am hoping somebody had this type of setup before can share some knowledge and suggestions.

    From reading posts on multiSSIDs and guest VLAN, I understand that Tomato supports tagging/trunking. I want to do the same; however, my WRT54G 2.2 doesn't support that functionality and neither does my dumb switch on the network.

    What I have setup is the following

    Gateway (RT-N66U)
    VLAN1 ( (br0) - DHCP enabled
    VLAN2 ( (br1) DHCP - enabled
    wl0 (Main WiFi) bridged to br0
    wl0.1 (Guest1 WiFi) bridged to br1

    Access Point (WRT54G v2.2)
    VLAN1 ( (br0)
    VLAN2 ( (br1) - DHCP enabled
    wl0 (Main WiFi) bridged to br0
    wl0.1 (Guest2 WiFi) bridged to br1

    This works, however, the users on the guest wifi network will have to manually switch from Guest1 to Guest2 network when signal is weak in certain part of the house. My goal is to set up my Guest network so that my guests can automatically roam from one access point to another.

    My idea is to setup a VPN Server (OpenVPN or PPTP, doesn't really matter to me) on the Gateway. I want to make it so that the VPN be part of the VLAN2 (TAP). On the AP side, setup a VPN client to connect to the same network. From there, bridge wl0.1 to the TAP interface (both Gateway and AP) and in theorey, I can have one single Guest SSID setup and my guests should be able to roam between the Gateway and AP.

    Is this type of setup possible with the Tomato router? Any help is welcome.
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