Using Wrt54g as access point

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by dgerard, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. dgerard

    dgerard Network Guru Member

    I've looked throught the FAQs, but don't see an exact answer for this question.

    Here is my current setup in my small office building:

    a) An old Befw11s4 (with blown wireless end) connected to cable modem
    b) WAP11 (now losing connection every minute or so) connected to the befw11s4 via ethernet cable
    c) another inside network (wrt54g) connected to the befw11s4 via ethernet

    I'd like to replace the WAP11 with another wrt54g and use it as an access point. The price is right ($40 at officemax after rebate) compared to the WAP54g. Since my tenant has already done this for his network, I know it can be done. Right now I am sharing off of his wrt54g wirelessly, with his permission. I'd still like to get my own access point going though via a new wrt54g. How do I connect this? The ethernet is all wired in the standard fashion, that is straight thru. I don't need to see any other network in the building and just need to have internet access.
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