Using WRT54G as an access point (possible or not possible ?)

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by jeanpba, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. jeanpba

    jeanpba Network Guru Member


    I use a WRT54G behind my modem and I would like to know
    if it is possible to user another WRT54G (in another bedroom)
    as an access point (like WAP54G) with two computers . In this
    case, I would use the switch and wireless features of the WRT54G
    but I wouldn't use the modem connexion.

    Is it possible or must I buy a WAP54G ?

    I ask this question because the price of WAP54G and WRT54G
    are quite the same

    Thanks for your answer

  2. virgil

    virgil Network Guru Member

  3. chris-at

    chris-at Network Guru Member


    if you can connect your new access-point using ethernet-cabling to your router, then you can simply put in a wrt54g as an access-point.
    disable the dhcp-feature on the new one and connect both with an ethernet-cable using one of the switchports on the back, not the internet/wan-port.

    If you don't have the possibilities to use ethernet, just do it with wds as virgil wrote.

  4. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    Assuming you are not going to use a third party firmware and use WDS or client mode:

    It is possible to use the WRT%$G as an Access Point only, but requires and ethernet cable connection between the first and second WRT54G. First connect the second WRT54G to a wired ethernet connection on a PC that is going to configurate the WRT%$G. That PC should not be connected to the first WRT54G through any connection. Start your bowser and type in the default local IP Address of the second WRT54G.

    You should be prompted for the default password of "admin" without the quotes. Leave the setting for the WAN connction as DHCP client. Change the default IP Address to and disable the DHCP server and save your setting.

    You should be disconnected since the local address has change. Type in the new local IP Address and enter the password. Under advanced routing change the setting from Gateway to Router and save your setting. You should setup the wireless encryption, channel and SS-ID. The SS-ID can match the SS-ID of the first WRT54G, but if you cna pick up the signal of the first WRT54G in the second bedroom change the channel to minimalize interference . If the first WRT54G is et on chnnel six, set the second on one or eleven. There are no non-overlapping channels but being at least five channels away, the filtering on your NICs will minmalize interference.

    Disconnect the second WRT54G from the computer and connect the second WRT54G from one of its LAN ports to one of the LAN ports on the first WRT54G and power cycle it. It will act as a wireless hub.

    If you want to use WDS foolow the directions from Virgil. You can setup a WAP54G in bridge mode if you want to connect to the first WRT54G. You have to set the WAP54G to match the SS-ID, channel and encrypton on the the first WRT54G and save your setting. You enter the MAC address of the wireless portion of first WRT54G, which is on the Wireless status page. You go to AP mode page on the WAP54G and set to bridge mode and enter the MAC address of the wireless portion of the first WRT54G and save your setting. There is only one enternet port on the WAP54G, so if you want to connect more than one computer, get a inexpensive wired switch. This will cost you more than using a WRT54G using WDS.
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