Using WRT54G as an Access Point

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by vikasa, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. vikasa

    vikasa Addicted to LI Member

    Here is my setup. I am in a 3-story (basement, 1st fl and 2nd fl) condo.

    WRT54G WAN port connected to cable modem in basement (stuffed behind ceiling tile)

    All phone wiring is CAT5-enabled (home builder feature) so all phone jacks are connected back to a central console in the basement. So some pre-designated phone jacks can be connected to the router by plugging in the corresponding cable into the numbered port behind the WRT54G.

    Basement has a PC with a wireless USB Linksys adapter (less than 10 feet from the router in the ceiling). PC #1

    Bedroom 1 on the 2nd floor has such a wired connection to the router. PC #2

    Bedroom 1 on the 2nd floor has a unused RJ45 connected to the router. #3

    A laptop floats around the house. #4.

    #2 works great, obviously. #1 works most of the time but connection sometimes drops during use (annoying but nothing a power off/on of the router doesn't cure)

    Ditto for #4. But #4 is used (mostly) by the wife so it is in my best interest to address it.

    What is the problem? Is the wifi signal not strong enough to reach all round the condo? I tried getting one of those long antenna thingys (from CompUSA) to replace the antenna on the router but that didn't help.

    I know the WRT54G I have is one of the "crippled" ones (with small amount of RAM). So I was thinking of replacing it with the WRT54GL (Linux), hoping that my problems magically go away. Will they?

    If they don't, I was thinking of using the current WRT54G (which will be unused after I buy the WRT54GL) as an access point on the 2nd floor by plugging into the unused RJ45 in #3 (not sure I need a special crossover cable for this or a regular Cat5 will do)

    Any thoughts, suggestions, comments greatly appreciated.

  2. vikasa

    vikasa Addicted to LI Member

    Help? Thanks
  3. eq2675

    eq2675 Network Guru Member

    I setup WRT54GL's as access points all the time. I load up tufu 13c and pick "disabled" for the internet connection type.

    I know there are a lot newer 3rd party firmware for the GL, but this works and I have 30 WRT54GL installs under my belt.
  4. vikasa

    vikasa Addicted to LI Member

    I am not sure what you mean, could you please clarify? I would like to use the 54GL as the main router and the existing 54G as an access point as I explained in my original post. Thanks
  5. badassz34

    badassz34 LI Guru Member

    You shouldn't need any aftermarket fw to run one as an access point on another floor. Just make sure the router's (the old one, on the second floor now) WAN port is connected to a LAN port on the 'gateway' and build the setup as an extended service set. It's in your users manual to some extent. Google will fill in the blanks for you. I just un-bricked my old router tonight, so I'm holding onto it for just this sort of project later on down the road.
  6. vikasa

    vikasa Addicted to LI Member

    I tried to google for it but couldn't find step by step instructions, could you please point me to it? Thanks
  7. badassz34

    badassz34 LI Guru Member

    Since you'll be hard-wiring one router into another, you can just plug the Internet port of the second router into one of the open ports of your primary. Most of the routers and other devices now auto-sense the connections, so a crossover cable is only necessary when connecting two similar types of older equipment. If you can set up one router, you should have no problems setting up two. The first router is just sharing the connection, via a lan port, with the second router. All you need to do is mirror the settings between the two, except for the router name (name one name1 and the other name2). You will also want to check the internet connection settings of the first router. If the first router is allowing dhcp connections, set dhcp as the internet connection typ on the second.
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