Using WRT54GL as AP only (WiFi+Guest) connected via LAN

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mensa, Aug 5, 2017.

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    is it possible, to use the WRT54GL (shibby firmware) as an access point only?
    I want to provide 2 SSIDs (normal for me + guests which can't access my network).

    I managed to get that working, when the WRT54GL is acting as a router, behind a DSL modem (DSL modem LAN cable plugged into WRT54GL WAN port). No problem. WiFi + Guest WiFi is working fine and separated.

    But now I got faster internet (40 MBit/s download / 20 MBit/s upload) and the WRT54GL can only handle around 20 - 25 MBit/s WAN speed. So I want to use it only as an access point for my WiFi + Guest WiFi and accept the lower WAN speeds in WiFi. It's ok that, WiFi clients will only get 20 - 25 MBit/s internet speed, but I would like to have full speed at wired clients.
    So I thought about the following:
    Plug in LAN cable from DSL modem to WRT54GL into LAN port.
    But then the guest WiFi is not workin anymore.

    DSL modem IP:
    DSL modem acts as DHCP server

    WRT54GL br0:
    WRT54GL br0: DHCP server enabled

    WRT54GL br1:
    WRT54GL br1: DHCP server enabled

    WRT54GL VLAN3 Bridge LAN br1

    What am I making wrong?
    Or is it impossible to get WiFi + guest WiFi working, when router is connected via LAN port to DSL modem?
    I know, that it is not good, that in net are 2 DHCP servers active (DSL modem + router), but I am unable to diable it on the DSL modem.
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