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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by golfrato, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. golfrato

    golfrato LI Guru Member


    After reading the uTorrent FAQ about the p2p app issue with wrt54g router I have a few questions:

    I have a WRT54G v3 with the 4.30.5 Linksys firmware (win xp sp2) and I would like to know which is the best third party firmware to solve this problem.

    Can I downgrade the third party firmware to the original linksys firmware?

    Can I still use Norton or Mcafee antivirus firewall with the third party firmware? I´ll need to make manual adjusts or its run automatically. My connection is PPPoE.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. kop48

    kop48 Network Guru Member

    Thibor's HyperWRT is pretty good (I have no problems with it) www.thibor.co.uk

    Your firewall and antivirus should have nothing to do with HOW you connect to the internet. :p Does your router currently login to your ADSL for you?
  3. golfrato

    golfrato LI Guru Member

    Does your router currently login to your ADSL for you?

    Thank you for your help!
    Yes my router login to ADSL. I don´t find a Thibor compatible with WRT54G V3. The only V3 version is for GS router.
  4. kop48

    kop48 Network Guru Member

  5. golfrato

    golfrato LI Guru Member

    Ok :thumbup: My last question before I install Thibor is:
    After upgrading to Thibor can I downgrade back to Linksys 4.30.5 ?
    Thank you again! :)
  6. gaogi

    gaogi Network Guru Member

    Firmware 4.30.5 should have this issue resolved already. Your TCP timeout is already at 30 minutes with this version of the firmware.
  7. dacore84

    dacore84 LI Guru Member

    Hi guys!

    To start with, excellent forum!

    I got the same problem with my Wrt54GL and uTorrent. Sometimes when uTorrent is on my Internet conenction is soooo slow. I can´t use either IE or FireFox. I don´t have to download or upload at high speed either. Sometimes I maybe have one torrent that is active and complete downloaded, just uploading at like 10kb/s.

    Sometimes I can d/l at 1.2MB/s and u/l 1MB/s at the same time and the Internet works perfect. This happened yesterday. I then pulled the powercable out for about 10s and put it back. Then i worked perfect again and will probalby do it for a couple of days.

    I tried everything I think on the uTorrent forums. Like patching the tcp.sys and all the settings inside uTorrent. So my last hope is maybe a firmware update?

    As I said I got a WRT54GL with the original firmware. What firmware should I use? Which one could solve my problem? Could I use this one you said "Thibor's HyperWRT"?

    Sry for bad English and thanks in advance for every help I could get.

  8. kop48

    kop48 Network Guru Member

    I'm not 100% sure what the timeouts are on the WRT54GL, but I have my WRT54GSv4 (relatively similar specs) flashed with the latest Thibor build and torrents don't slow down my internet. Do remember that if you don't cap your download and upload speeds, uTorrent will quickly flood your connection. Remember that if you download very fast, you will start consuming upload speed even if you're not technically uploading to anyone. This is because, with TCP connections (and even if torrents are UDP, I'm pretty sure the protocol ACKS anyway), the packets must be acknowledged by your computer. As more and more packets are downloaded, you must acknowledge (ACK) more and more - this will lead to your connection getting choked up as any new connections attempting to open will have trouble getting through.
  9. dacore84

    dacore84 LI Guru Member

    thank u very much for the answer. I tried a lot of things. Turned a lot of options off in uTorrent and then made the router powerless for about 10s. And at the moment it works perfect. I can download and upload at almost maximum and still firefox works excellent. Hope it remains like this. As I said before, I didn´t even have to download anything. It was just enough that uTorrent was active and maybe uploading at 5kbps and the rest of the Internet didn´t work. I also made some changes in the QoS. Don´t remember right now but I think I gave port 80 (www) like maximum priority or something like that...

    Thanks again, I just hope it stays this way.
  10. dacore84

    dacore84 LI Guru Member

    naaah, today it was the same problem again. Just started uTorrent and the rest of the Internet was unable to work. Didn´t download anything and just uploading one torrent at about ~50kbps. Pulled the powercable to the router for about 10s and then it worked perfect again. Will probably do so for about an week also and then the problems will start again.

    I will try like azereuz or bitcomet or some other client and see if that works better..
  11. kismeras

    kismeras LI Guru Member

    Sloooow internet

    It's not the torrent client. It's the router. I was having the same issues. Power cycling the router fixes that. However, it gets bogged down again eventually. I am considering a third party firmware. Can anyone say for sure if one of the third party firmwares fixes that? Does the new Linksys 4.30.5 firmware fix that? It makes no sense to switch or upgrade firmware if that doesn't fix it. Any suggestions as well as info on if the other firmwares fixes this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks All.
  12. nirsilgi

    nirsilgi LI Guru Member

    I have the same problem with the WRT54GL, works for 2 days than it chokes. I have the latest Europnna firmware(4.30.7) so that won't fix it.

    I'm considering an upgrade to DD-WRT, but I'm too not sure if it will fix the problem.

    Can anyone help on this?

  13. jchuit

    jchuit Network Guru Member

    Netfilter / Connection Tracking Remote DoS

    A lot of people have this problem. The standard firmware uses a NAT-tracking timeout of 5 days, this is for intensive use to high.

    Linksys uses the 2.4.20 Linux-kernel for the wrt54gL, but this kernel has a flaw:
    The connection tracking core of Netfilter for Linux 2.4.20, allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (resource consumption) due to an inconsistency with Linux 2.4.20's support of linked lists, which causes Netfilter to fail to identify connections with an UNCONFIRMED status and use large timeouts. (CAN-2003-0187)

    A third problem is related to connection tracking, when many connections are made by the router the router slows down. The connections are stored in a limited set of Hash-table buckets and this makes the connection tracking slow.

    These problems are solved in the Tarifa firmware: http://tarifa.sourceforge.net/

  14. nirsilgi

    nirsilgi LI Guru Member

    Thanks much!

    Is Tarifa the only firmware that solves this issue?

  15. kismeras

    kismeras LI Guru Member


    Anybody try this Tarifa firmware or any other firmware that fixed the issue?
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