V.24 SP1 on WRT54G, video conference cam stopped working...

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by bripab007, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. bripab007

    bripab007 Network Guru Member

    So, I've got a WRT54G Ver.6.0 that I used on our external, DSL internet connection we use for testing at work. We have some stand-alone Polycom video conferencing appliances that work fine with stock Linksys firmware but do not connect to our video conferencing backbone appliance (out in the public DMZ) when running DD-WRT V.24 SP1.

    I tried turning off the SPI and all related firewall settings and also just putting the device in the DMZ on the DD-WRT configuration, to no avail. I'm not doing anything particularly special in DD-WRT...just config'd the internet connection and Wi-Fi network settings and made sure I could connect to the internet and DNS was resolving (although, we're just using a static IP for the video conferencing backbone, so even that shouldn't matter).

    It should also be said that on a WRT54G Ver.2.0 running Tomato, everything worked fine. As with DD-WRT, I made no unusual settings.

    Any ideas? Is there some default DD-WRT setting that would prevent this from working?
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