v23 - Can't get in to web interface of router

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by dscline, Jul 24, 2005.

  1. dscline

    dscline Network Guru Member

    I jsut installed v23voip. I was going through the various pages entering data, and got to the QoS page, added a service (bitorrent), and it stopped responding (couldn't even get to the point of setting up that service). The router still works (obviously), I just can't get back in to it to change settings. I can probably reset it, but I'm hoping to avoid losing the set-up I've done so far. There was one setting I disabled in the wireless page, something to the effect of "disable wireless web interface"... it SOUNDED like something that would prevent router configuration through wireless clients, so I disabled that (I'm trying to cofigure through a wired client). Could that have done it? Is there a way to get back in to change the setting, or do I just need to reset & start over?

  2. TheIndividual

    TheIndividual Network Guru Member

    I tested the v23 version as well and got many hangs. This is because it is still a very early alpha and I'm sure Brainslayer is aware of those bugs.
    Its a good thing you report them here but currently I don't think using v23 is a good idea if you can't afford losing your settings once in a while.

    For your problem: can you still reach the unit on telnet or SSH? Otherwise start over, enable Telnet and/or SSH, make the settings you know that work and save everything.
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