v23 Final after overclock problem

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by ceevee, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. ceevee

    ceevee Guest

    For WRT54GS 1.0

    nvram set clkfreq=240
    nvram commit

    That's what I did in a telnet session and now i can't telnet in or access the web interface. Anyone else? Surfing the web has no problems..

    add: I resetted the router w/ the back button. Tried clkfreq=216. Router goes through infinite reboot cycle. I guess overclocking doesnt work?
  2. will792

    will792 Network Guru Member

    Verify that you can overclock GS v.1.0. I know that overclocking WRT54G versions v.2.0 and prior to that bricks them. My GS v.2.1 did not mind 216 but it was rolled back to 200 by some firmware upgrade.

    I saw commented out overclocking command in startup script of v.23. Apparently BrainSlayer thought that it is better to avoid overclocking. Linksys is a disaster with 10+ variations of WRT54G(s).
  3. ceevee

    ceevee Guest

    I overclocked my GS 1.0 @ 240 mhz with v22 final.

    I ended up buying a WRT54GS 2.1 and loaded it up with v23 final. The router already came clocked at 216 mhz so I'm happy.
  4. ofbarea

    ofbarea Network Guru Member

    I bricked my WRT54G V2 after attempting overcloking it to 216 MHz. I was using DD-WRT 2.3 SP1 (3-MAR-2006).

    It took me a while to bring it back from the death. But I was able to load dd-wrt.v23_mini_wrt54g.bin with tftp and this seemed to fix the problem.
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