V23 Route dies after Reboot (RIP2)

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by MBChris, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. MBChris

    MBChris Network Guru Member

    Hi, ive an annoying problem with the V23 Versions. Could be I AM the problem but just verified it against V22R2 and can surely reproduce this Problem !

    I want to have a full routed Network with alot of WRTs so i decide to switch in RIP2 routing Mode. For sure in my Testlab first :)

    WRT1: a simple AP in AP Mode, WAN Side PPPOE enabled (as it is for the INET Connection) local address no Gateway.
    Router Mode Gateway, 1 Route defined -> (WRT2)


    Router Mode RIP2/both interfaces enabled no static route

    Both WRTs WEP/128 enabled, Firewall disabled, Loopback disabled

    Now the Problem: My Notebook, wired on LAN-Port of WRT2, IP-Adress gateway

    Could ping:,,

    this is just what i want .... but ... when i reboot WRT2 (power cycle or Reboot Router in Administration) i couldn't ping the WRT1 anymore. There is allways a "Destination network not reachable"

    When i went to the "Advanced Routing" Page on WRT2 and just press save (without any routes) the ping is coming back. But that lasts only to the next reboot.

    exactly the same work with a V22R2 Version is working like a charm.

    Oh, one thing to attach: Some Dokus say there must be a route to the own Network on WRT2 like ->
    But as i learned, the RIP2 Proto already have this route incorporated. But anyways, i tried this also with no success

    Could someone reproduce this ? or am i just an idiot ?

    Thanks in Advance

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