V23 SP3 Beta is availoable

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by dellsweig, Dec 2, 2006.

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    Looks like nightly UNTESTED V23 Beta builds are once again available on the dd-wrt web site.

    From the README:

    consider that this build was taken our of my nightly build system and is not tested.
    do only flash if you know how to debrick your router. these builds are containing alot of
    changes on many sides which makes it hard to find everything at first point.
    not all features are ready yet. i just want to release it to show people that we are still working
    on our broadcom versions.

    noteworthy news: (detailed changelog will follow later)

    L7 Filter update:
    add : http-dap, http-freshdownload, mohaa, stun, tor
    update : perl, edonkey
    remove : skype (use skypetoskpe or/and skypeout)

    Add New Bandwidth managment tab under Status (thanks to fearphage for the Adobe SVG Graph integration)
    (development still in progress, so its disabled)
    Add New rstats daemon under service to collect Bandwidth usage (thanks to Noxxic for his work)
    Add Samba and JFFS FS total / free space
    CSS style updates
    Add the conntrack connections details
    Add the connected clients (ARP table content) into the Status Lan tab
    Minor translation updates
    Add force update option to DDNS (configureable)
    Add Wifidog captif portal under Hotspot (still under testing/development, may work, may not)
    CSS Improvments under Shell tab (shell output)
    Add Ethernet Over IP Tunnel for VPN Version
    RSSI/NOISE values now retrievable with SNMP

    special distributions will follow later so far we finished the planned features. i hope we will see
    this before christmas.
    for v24 we introduced new drivers which may be to risky to release it now fully untested

    01.12.2006, Sebastian Gottschall (BrainSlayer)
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