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Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by 8ball, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. 8ball

    8ball Network Guru Member

    Is there 3.1 support in the v22 final or will that be in v23? I unfortunately jumped on the bandwagon a bit late obvioulsy as I bought a WRT54G last week and it showed up today only to say CDF9 on the bottom. Before trying my newbie luck at flashing I'd like to know if it has been done already and what the trick are for this new model. I'm looking for port redirection and of course signal boosting. Thanks in advace guys.
  2. k9frizb

    k9frizb Network Guru Member

    I have flashed "dd-wrt.v22_wrt54g.bin" to my WRT54G hardware version 3.1 successfully; it hasn't turned into a brick and appears to be working fine. Is there something I should do (or not do) to further test this configuration?

    Might as well get this in now: BrainSlayer, your work is tremendously appreciated. Hope you're still finding all of this stuff fun.
  3. 8ball

    8ball Network Guru Member

    Was there any special procedure you followed for flashing it or was it just he normal hard reset / upload image / reboot / hard reset / and it worked? As long as it handles port redirection (external port A to internal port B) and power transmission increases to give me some more range, I'll be totally happy. I guess also I'm curious to see if you just flashed it or are you using in a production environment right now? Thank you greatly for your efforts and expirementation on your equipment. I also concur with your appreciation for Brainslayer's ongoing hard work on this project. Guess I'll be donating some funds to the cause. :)
  4. k9frizb

    k9frizb Network Guru Member

    I am typing this in while using my WRT to communicate via my neighbors ISP -- flashed it again this evening with the latest (final, R2) version of the firmware. I reset to the defaults and used the GUI to flash the firmware. No problems whatsoever. Then I set client mode and power to 70, and told it to use left antenna only (I have a directional cantenna). Looking good here. I'd say go for it! :eek:
  5. 8ball

    8ball Network Guru Member

    Thank you so very much for your testing help. I guess I'll give it a go today and hope for the best.
  6. ninzbinz

    ninzbinz Guest

    wrt54g v3.1

    wrt54g v3.1
    hello wds works with your 22R2dd-wrt firmware. but client mode just does not work, not even a signal. the WRT54G.Sveasoft.Firmware.Alchemy.Final_by_TheIndividual
    can get the client mode linking to the router whilst using WPA AES but there client does not seem to be transparent and hence no IP trafic can be passed through the connection due to the lack of routing knowledge. hope that helps. my AP is a good one with heaps of features GIGABYTE b49g.

    the b49g also has a free source code at


    and comes featurepacked as is. the only thing missing is client mode with wpa support. anyway your doing a great job thanks heaps :wink:
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