V4 Hardware in Bridge Mode? Anyone got this working?

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by MentalV, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. MentalV

    MentalV Network Guru Member

    Have had the same problem since forever. I just want to make sure SOMEONE has this working!

    Right now using the 19-10 firmware but it has done the same with all firmware versions from 2 months back...

    Again the problem is the same:

    Reset settings to factory
    Set up Wireless Bridge mode
    Channel 6
    My SSID


    WAN light blinks, constantly, I can go into STATUS > WIRELESS and see:

    AP Signal: 00:14:BF:38:B0:10 rssi -29 noise -77

    A couple of seconds afterwards the box reboots by itself

    Come back to the same settings but no AP SIGNAL at all.... if I re apply the settings I get the same results as above.

    WHY???????????????????? ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. MentalV

    MentalV Network Guru Member

    Well I got off my butt and decided to change routers back, use what I had as AP as bridge and set up what I had as AP to a bridge... bad news...

    Ok at least on my end I can confirm that BOTH my V4 WRT54G WILL REBOOT if set up as CLIENT BRIDGE with the latests firmwares. :(

    I think I am going to try some of the first V23 versions as I think I had this working for a few minutes on one of the versions I downloaded first a long time ago.

    I will post back if I find a version that works by chance.
  3. whatsthedeal

    whatsthedeal Network Guru Member

    what wireless security are you using?
  4. MentalV

    MentalV Network Guru Member

    None.... in fact, I can reset the routers to factory results and set them to Bridge mode. Just that. And they will reboot as well.... :(
  5. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    I don't see where you said if this is G v4 or GS v4?

    I have a Gv3.1 talking to a Gv4 acting as WDS bridges between 2 locations working fine. Using WPA-PSK AES.

    I do see some oddness with my new G units of antenna selection seems reversed, can anyone confirm this? Looks like Left=from front.
  6. MentalV

    MentalV Network Guru Member

    it is a GV4, and no this is not WDS but just regular Client Bridge mode trying to emulate a WET bridge. I just reset all values to default and change the type to "Client Bridge" and both routers do the same reboot sequence....
  7. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    Stupid question, but I assume you checked both AP and WDS connection watchdogs turned off?
  8. MentalV

    MentalV Network Guru Member

    It is not that stupid of a question since I have no idea what you are talking about... :p

    In fact, I just looked around for "watchdog" on the GUI but I cant find that anywhere... is it on by default?? O_O
  9. MentalV

    MentalV Network Guru Member

    Ok I looked and found both Watchdoog options but they were both off. Either way, I think there is something incompatible with the V4 routers I have, it is just too coincidential BOTH routes do the exact same thing.

    It doesnt even matter if the SSID exist or not, or what other options I chose. If I set it up for Client Bridge the WAN light goes off, then back on, blinkgs for a while, power light starts blinking and router reboots.

    When it comes back all the settings are back to the same, BUT it doesnt try to connect to the AP at all. If I unplug the router and plug it back it DOES try to become a bridge again only to start blinking again, reboot and back to not trying to connect to AP.

    I am REALLY stumped here, I thought it was a settings problem but like I said before, even when I reset all the settings to default and JUST change to Client Bridge I can replicate the same problem over and over again.

  10. MentalV

    MentalV Network Guru Member


    Anyone? Please? Someone tell me they have it working ok or tell me they have any idea what could be wrong?

  11. maracay

    maracay Network Guru Member

  12. whatsthedeal

    whatsthedeal Network Guru Member

    wep seems to work fine but wpa is where the problems for most (including myself) occur. maracay, have you tested client bridged using wpa? we know your configuration is correct and it would be helpful to see if that security change makes the difference.
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