Vegas (v 1.23 firmware) - values for Alpha Beta Gamma?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by luckman212, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. luckman212

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    well title pretty much says it all
    on the new tomato 1.23 f/w, what do you all recommend for Alpha Beta Gamma values? default of 2/6/2 I heard its not the best, some are suggesting 3/3/2 etc. Is there some "official" documenation or FAQ that specifically covers this?? I am glad vegas is controllable via tomato's gui now but I would like to see some more info covering its usage.

    fwiw i have a cable connection, 10m down, ~500k up.
  2. az2008

    az2008 Addicted to LI Member

  3. jyavenard

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  4. nerdtalker

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    There doesn't seem to be a definitive answer; is the default 2-6-2 the best, or should we go with 3-3-2?

    As it is right now, I'm not seeing much benefit in terms of it mimicking true QoS with it set to 2-6-2; doing some huge FTP transaction still lags games/latency e.t.c. Would 3-3-2 make it better?
  5. Toastman

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    Hi NT

    I've got a system with a lot of users, so I've come to some conclusions which I hope might help. Vegas does not seem to help in my situation whatever parameters are in use. Vegas merely tries to slow down everything to fit within the available bandwidth, it does not attach any priority of one class of traffic over another. Using QOS as normal augmented by vegas does help in many situations, but it isn't a cure-all. For instance, if IPTV is marginal, Vegas makes it worse by slowing down traffic!

    If you set a ping session going to your ISP's gateway, (in the presence of your other traffic) and then turn QOS and Vegas on/off, change Vegas parameters, etc, you can quickly see the effects they have. Larger values give longer ping times (90-350mS) - in general. But the fastest ping times (19-27mS) are with Vegas OFF.

    How this translates into latency of games I am not sure, but I've been experimenting with the local "games guru" in the apartment block. So far we've determined that QOS with no VEGAS, set conservatively with P2P given a true low priority (rate 1% limit 15%) is also best for him and also it seems for everything else.

    I'm still experimenting, but I'm not so thrilled with Vegas as I was when it first appeared, now that I have had a month to test out what it does.

    On the other hand, for most standalone users not using any QOS, it does make a big improvement.
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