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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by tooner440, Aug 6, 2005.

  1. tooner440

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    Hey all,

    I'm no networking guru, so hopefully I'm just missing something obvious here:

    I just got Verizon FIOS installed. It comes with a Dlink DI-604 ethernet (wired) router which I understand has been "flashed" with Verizon's firmware. That set up was fine until my work gave me a laptop that happens to have built-in wireless capability. A friend then gave me a Linksys WAP11 v.2.6 wireless access point he no longer needs.

    I went to the Linksys download page and downloaded everything I could find pertaining to this router - user manuals, setup executable, firmware upgrade (don't know how to tell if the router needs it or not, but I downloaded it anyway).

    I then connected the WAP11 to one of the spare ethernet ports on the Dlink router and ran the setup program. It found the WAP11 right away and allowed me to configure it. For quick set up purposes I chose not to use WEP, since I wanted to make sure everything was working before I worry about security.

    After setup was complete, I attempted to access the WAP11's web configuration page by typing in the IP into a browser:, but got a page not found. I attempted to ping the address and just get a "Request timed out."

    I went into the web config page for the Dlink router and checked the DHCP list, and all the entries are accounted for by a computer on my network - I don't see any entry for this router.

    My systems are all running WindowsXP Pro SP2, and are all connected directly to the Dlink router via ethernet cables, as is the WAP11.

    I'm confused because I can't seem to locate or see the WAP11 via any method I can think of; pinging, etc., and yet the setup program for the WAP11 seems to locate it immediately. I'm think it's got something to do with the Verizon firmware that's been flashed onto the Dlink router.

    Any ideas? TIA!
  2. tooner440

    tooner440 Network Guru Member

    I figured it out

    The IP of the Linksys access point as reported by the setup executable was, while the D-Link's DHCP range is Not sure what exactly is going on in the background, but my problem was that I didn't realize that the Linksys IP in the setup executable was editable. I changed it to, configured the D-Link to see it, and was finally able to access the Linksys' web config page, where I changed everything, set up WEP, etc. I'm writing this from my living on a Dell Axim PocketPC connected wirelessly to my FIOS network. Sweet!
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