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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by foghorn_leghorn, Mar 13, 2009.

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    I'm having a big problem with my Buffalo WHR-HP-G54. My old router was a Linksys, and while it wasn't very fast, at least it was consistent. I have installed the Tomato firmware on this router, and my connection is even worse than with my Linksys router with stock firmware. According to Windows the connection is ALL OVER THE PLACE. Right now it says 36 mps and "very good", it will go to 54 and excellent, 24 and good, etc. etc. Why is it doing this? I got this router because I play online games a lot and am usually the host for my friends. It has always had an inconsistent connection since I got it, but today I was dropping people left and right in every game I hosted. This router shouldn't have any problem hosting simple Warcraft 3 games, my Linksys router didn't and I know this one is superior. What is going on? I have tried doing hard reset, I've reset modem, computer, etc.... BTW, now it says 24 mps. See what I mean? I have not adjusted any settings in my firmware except the transmit power, which is at 50, I have tried 10 50 60 70, nothing changes, and I have also changed the ports and punched in my old router's MAC address. Please help me, I'm clueless! Thanks.

    EDIT: I updated the drivers on my Intel pro 3945, and have switched over to dd-wrt. Now Windows says a constant Excellent connection but the speed is constantly shifting from 18, 24, 56, 48, etc etc etc. And I am still dropping people from games. I've made a little progress but not enough...
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    Just thinking aloud - perhaps some client on your network is constantly negotiating speed with the router, dragging it down to a lowest common speed for all. Intel wireless cards are notorious for this.

    Suggestions: Flash Victek's latest tomato version 8513 - this has recent wireless drivers which may help. Switch off clients one at a time just to see if any particular client is responsible. Possible cures - change from Windows Zero Configuration Configuration to the OEM software on that PC, or vice versa, see if one is better than the other. Try setting router to "B" only or "G" only to see if that makes a difference which may give another clue. Also, what about changing wireless channel in case of interference from something?

    Read through this thread to see if anything "clicks"
  3. digitalgeek

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    I have found the Intel chip and the Broadcom chip don't play well together... you could try playing with roaming agressivness???

    Good Luck????
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