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    I purchased a 2 linksys WUSB54GS adapters and the WPS54G
    Wireless-G Print Server. I do not have internet access installed yet. I wanted to connect all these things wirelessly. I am a bit confused. Do I need a router for all of these products to see eachother, or should they work without a router? If they should see eachother without a router I am doing something wrong and I hope someone can help me.

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    hwy you should have a router to use all this device so get a router but please don't buy WRT54Gv5 go for something other than this bye
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    You should be able to set your devices for "Ad Hoc" mode. This is the exact same thing as putting your computers in Microsofts "workgroup." In Ad Hoc mode, your devices "do not" require a central point of connection, they are seen as "peer level" devices (one is not higher than the other). Think of a computer that's running Napster or Kazaa. Each is a server to the next computer and gives access when requests are made.

    So, you'll need to find the Ad Hoc setting on each device, assign an identifer for your Ad Hoc group and you should be alright from there.

    Key Note: Ad Hoc uses "Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum" (FHSS) which means the signal "bounces" a lot when trying to provide coverage for Ad Hoc devices. You'll need to make sure the devices are quite "close" togther because the further they are away from each other, the more difficult it comes for the peer group connection to be maintained. Remember, you don't have a central connection source (router or access point) with an antennae providing coverage; you're stuck with the transmission/reception rate of the cards Hopefully, they'll provided a voltage rating over 30v or more for good connectivity.

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